Reasons to be cheerful 1..2….3

Given that life is never simple or easy, it sometimes is very hard to find a positive in things. Work, money, family, responsibilities and other assorted “stuff” can cause a lot of stress and worry.

Me, well… I am a born worrier. I worry about any and everything. Even when I haven’t anything to worry about, I worry about not worrying!

Over recent months I have tried to reduce the amount of stress in my life that causes me worry. I have been living life to the fullest and it seems to have been working.

As with life, you never can see what is around the corner. And there is always something to come along and trip you up. Well yes, you can guess what happened.

Now, the thing that came along to trip me up, didn’t so much as trip me up but knock me flat over onto my big bottom.

The blow came from dual directions. A change in my job circumstances and an illness of a very close family member.

As with anything that knocks you for six, it’s impossible to not feel an effect. The effect that this has had richochet’s through every part of your life.

My family, my friends, my work colleagues and even my blogging pals have all been subject to my moods, my “down” days and my worries. They have supported me, let me rant and rage and given advice.

For those of you who know me, you know just how much I LOVE my job. I truly feel I have found my niche, and I don’t want to do anything else but the job I love.  I work hard, I do everything in my power to do a good job and I put my heart and soul into my role.


The circumstances of my job are changing. I have been working full time for the past year, and have loved the routine of it. The decision to go full time was made as a necessity, due to children growing up and finances changing.

As with a lot of professions, times change, companies change. And the full time job I have been doing is now no longer available to me. This means returning to my previous part time post in a different location.

Now, as this is my original place of work, I know and love the people there. It was my first job within this organisation, and after 8 years, it was my home. Of course, I am more than happy to return to my “home” and my family. However, financially this is not something I can afford to do.

This means looking for a new career, either within the organisation, or making a new start somewhere. This is something I have done several times in the past. But it is still daunting. I don’t want to leave the job I love, and even more so I don’t want to leave my family and friends!

Whilst this still hangs in the balance, the  normal thing for me to do is panic and worry. What will I do? Where will I find a job? How will I pay my bills? All these things are natural to have running through your mind.

However, for once in my life, I am NOT worrying. There is nothing I can do to change the way things are going. So I have to roll with it.

There are worse things that happen at sea, as the old saying goes.

This leads me to the title of my post today – Partly stolen from that seminal “Ian Dury and the Blockheads” song.  When all is going wrong, when life is piling stress on you, what exactly is there to be cheerful about?


The answer? Bloody LOADS!!!

When you look at the terrible events that have been happening in Europe and further afield, where lives have been lost suddenly, it put things into perspective.

Whether you have a belief system, support a particular party or organisation, believe in wars that are being fought across the globe, that is all incidental.

People going out to a concert, enjoying dinner out, travelling on a subway, or preparing to fly off for a holiday, never for one moment expect to be hurt, injured or even killed.

Families are fractured in the blink of an eye. Relationships destroyed and lives ruined.

I don’t have any political leanings. I don’t get involved in race or religious arguements because I believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs, creeds and choices.

But my heart hurts when I see the death and devastation that is across the news. War torn areas will always have casualties, on both sides, and amongst the armed forces.

However, when strangers are targeted in a civilised Country that is not at war, that’s when I cannot understand the sense or mentality of people. One minute, you are going about your daily life and business. The next,  your family are burying you.

So, this is my first reason to be cheerful. My family is intact, safe and healthy (for most part) They are clothed, fed and loved. Whilst we don’t live in a palace, or have unlimited funds, we look out for each other. We share, we give and take, and we love one another.


The possibility of that being taken away, in any sort fills me with dread. As a mother, it is very natural to worry about your children, no matter how old they get. Even when they get to the age I am now, I will still worry about them and want to make everything all alright.

For many this past few weeks, the chance to be with and tell family members they love them, has been taken away. Through no choice or decision of their own. They were literally in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Heartbreaking really.

My second reason to be cheerful is my friends. These may be real life physical friends that I see, or my blogging friends that really only communicate online and via social media. They are also my penpals, both here and abroad. I am thankful for their friendship, and for their patience, wisdom, help and support.


I have been lucky to have friends that even if I don’t see them for weeks or months, once we are together, it is like we have never been apart. The time and distance fades away and we are the same as we have always been. This is a total blessing. Time is all too quick to run away from us.


Some friends stay in your life for many years, some are more transient and fade in and out of your life. I am grateful and thankful for every single one I have, and had. Their lives being intertwined with mine have shaped the person I have become.


My Third reason to be cheerful is this blog. Without it, I wouldn’t have had so many adventures, or met so many new people. My life would be a little bit emptier by not having this outlet to post my ideas, my thoughts, my little roadtrips and my life. This leads to me to being thankful to YOU, my readers and supporters.


Whether you have been reading since the beginning, or are a recent visitor to my page, I hope you enjoy what you see, and want to see more. I have no intention of stopping writing, as long as you want to read it.


With all these things, it is not difficult to see everything I have to be happy and grateful for.

And I truly am.

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  • Vintage Fee

    Yay! Glad you’re feeling positive!

  • Lottie Moor

    It is always important to take stock of what you have in life to make you happy – lord knows I have tried to do the same just recently! I’m grateful to have you in my life and you are defo one of those reasons to be cheerful for me!

    Lottie xx

  • It’s great that you’re finding the positive in the situation – and look at it as an opportunity rather than a setback. Maybe time to look at something totally different, and what you really want to do.

    I must admit, the biggest thing I’m taking away from this is how many dresses we have in common!! xx

  • Reclusive Fox

    I hear you, I am a natural worrier too. I find it so useful to live in the here and now, to be present and not borrow worry from the future. Keep looking at those positives x

  • Beth

    Oh bless you! It’s natural to worry lovely. Such a shame some careers arent great financially. But i am glad you’re feeling positive love x

  • I am a born worrier as well – anything and everything sets me off it’s silly really 🙁 love your positivity though! x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I really want to high five you hunnie, such an amazing post and instead of being down on your laurels, the cheery outlook really made me smile x

  • It’s good that you’re looking at the positives. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about the bad things such as your job change, you just need to embrace it and see it as a sign of bigger and better things. x

  • Ickle Pickle

    I am sure everything will work out for you – it is so much better for you to be positive, well done – it isn’t easy. Kaz x

  • Helen

    I always seem to worry about things however I try and look at life and think what will be will be. Things normally turn out okay. It is great you are staying positive. Keep smiling and being positive 🙂

  • These are great reasons to be cheerful. You really have to live in the moment and not take anything for granted.

  • I am in a similar situation I have two weeks to find a new house, another job to add to the many I already do and I am super stressed. I need to take a leaf out of your book!

    • I have every crossed for you Ana. I am sure amazing things are just around the corner for you! I’m keeping positive for you too xx

  • There are so many reasons to be cheerful. This post made me smile. Love the blue dress with the orange heels.

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    This really put a smile on my face and warmed my heart – you are so right, there are so many reasons to be cheerful in life and the world events of late put that into perspective. H x

  • It is really important to be grateful, it immensely helps my mood. I am trying to be positive on Facebook every day, so when I see the memories in a year’s time there will be good things to cheer me up.

  • Jessica Dearnley

    Really good post. I’m sorry to hear things have been stressful for you lately, but as you mentioned things like that what in Paris really puts our life worries into perspective. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I’m sure things will only get better for you 🙂

    • Thank you Jessica! Glad that you liked it. I have everything crossed at the moment 🙂 xx

  • Jessica

    Inspiring! There are endless reasons to be thankful and cheerful. You are a lucky woman and I am sure best things are ahead of you.

  • I love your blog! It always cheers me up 🙂

  • Dani Abraham

    What a lovely positive post, I love reading you words! I think it’s important to try and find a positive from every situation to stop you feeling like you’re under a black cloud.

    • Thank you Dani, Glad that you like it. Black clouds are never good, I much prefer the ones with a silver lining 🙂 xx