Shoulda gone to specsavers…

Well, I could hardly resist using that jokey punchline. You know the one, the advert where a variety of people mess up something because their eyesight is poor and they haven’t gone and got it sorted.

First of all, I am not one of those!

I already know I am as blind as a bat. I have been wearing contact lenses now for about 20 years, starting with hard lenses, then moving on to soft lenses that you had to clean constantly and add protein tablets to and disinfect. A total and utter palaver.


As the years moved on, so did the type of lenses I wore. I moved up to monthly lenses where I had one pair to last a month, that still needed taking out and storing overnight. Then to 30 day lenses, where I got 30 pairs and changed them every day.

Finally I have moved onto my current lenses. These lenses are amazing. I put them in on day 1. And take them out again on day 30/31. I sleep, bathe, party, garden, shower, drive, eat in them. You  name it I do it.

The bonus of sleeping in them is that when I first wake up, I can actually see! Being quite short sighted, I can see really small print without any assistance, but I can’t see the face of someone 2 foot away. This is the main reason I have chosen to wear contact lenses. I hate the foggy blurred vision I have when not wearing contacts or glasses.

For the most part, I NEVER wear my glasses. I have a couple of pair that are about 6 years old, that I still like but are  modern metal frames, that doesn’t suit my vintage style. So I only wear them when my eyes are sore, or I am having a problem with my contact lenses. Which is not often.


I got a new pair about 18 months ago, which was a bit more vintage and I thought I would like. Then I put them on, and looked remarkably like the dearly departed Jennifer Paterson from”The Two Fat Ladies”


Trust me on this, I was a dead ringer!! I had all my family in fits of giggles when I compared my new look with the picture above. At the time, I had no fringe and black hair and looked like her long lost daughter!

And so, I decided I wouldn’t be wearing them at all. Ever.

Booking my latest appointment at the Kettering Specsavers, I duly trotted in last Saturday and was welcomed by the lovely friendly staff. Kettering is not my local town, and certainly not my closest Specsavers. But I am loyal to the branch because they saved my Fathers life.

Eh? How did an Opticians manage to save someone’s life?

Well, 11 years ago Dad went for his routine eye appointment. The Optician noticed something unusual at the back of his eye and told him to get straight to the hospital. Dad went to the local A&E and within two hours was in the back of an ambulance screaming down the motorway to London.

What the optician had actually spotted was a massive tumour in the back of Dads eye socket. Within 6 hours Dad was on the operating table having his eye removed. He had no idea that there was actually anything wrong until he had that appointment.

Dad eventually did succumb to Cancer 10 years later. That optician gave my family 10 years that we potentially wouldn’t have had without that appointment. So, I stay with them. Because I think they are AMAZING.

So, eye test completed, I had no noticable differences, so whilst I was looking forward to seeing the latest styles,  I was determined that I wasn’t going to get any glasses if my prescription hadn’t changed much. I only ever wear them in emergencies, so surely I could cope with my old trendy pair. Then I saw the range……

Trotting around Specsavers with 5 pairs in my hands, putting them on and off, trying them against one another and generally being indecisive, I finally resorted to a “winner stays on” kind of game.

Dragging my mother in law into It I tried a pair on, then swapped them before asking which pair was best. Whichever one we thought, got to stay on. Eventually by doing this I had narrowed it down to two pairs.

For me, both are very vintage. They suit my style perfectly and were an absolutely steal. To be honest, had I been someone who wears their glasses quite a bit, I would have got both pairs. But for me, contact lenses will always be my preferred choice.

My final two choices were these…….

Being a contact lenses subscriber,  paying my monthly direct debit, means that all my contact lens checks, lenses and replacements, AND my sight test are included in my scheme.

Something that Specsavers started including in the past year or so, is reduced price glasses and in some cases, free glasses!

Any of the glasses in the £29 – £49 range are free. Higher priced glasses are available and you pay a portion towards them.

The glasses I eventually chose were £99. This means I had to add a bit of money towards them. £35 in fact. What a bargain!

So, what was my final choice? The pointed cats eye glasses in the picture On the left.


I do think I will be wearing this pair more often than I have ever wore my previous glasses, just because I absolutely love them.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice? Where do you go to get your vintage spectacles?

I’d love to hear your thoughts
Till next time,

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  • Beth

    Your choice of glasses is spot on! Really suits you and you look lovely

  • Lottie Moor

    I absolutely LOVE these frames on you – I think you look like a vintage vixen and I am definitely here for that! <3 Lottie xx

  • PrettyLusciousThings

    Love me some cat eye glasses – I had laser eye surgery a few years back and I miss wearing glasses 🙁

    • You could get some with clear lenses to use from a fashion point of view? x

  • I love those frames. I am also really short sighted -10! Bizarrely a trip to the opticians also potentially saved my life as on a Contact lens check up it was discovered I had lost most of the sight in my left eye and I was sent to hospital where it was discovered I had 2 ocular melanomas (skin cancer in your eye basically) which touch wood have been successfully treated. I also want to know more about the 30 day lenses they sound fantastic so will be talking to my optician

    • Wow! Aren’t they just amazing when they can do that? I can thoroughly recommend the lenses x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Those frames look great!
    I always get my glasses from Specsavers, as they are such good value and they always fit my face well.

    • They really do offer a great service for an amazing price x

  • I absolutely love the glasses that you ended up choosing, definitely suits your style. Although I think I would be like you and stick to contact lenses where possible x

    • I will still wear my lenses but have worn my glasses every day this week so far 🙂

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Now I absolutely love those glasses on you, they are amazing. The shape and the frame x

  • I think they look absolutely amazing on you!I You should definitely rock those specs 🙂 x

  • They look fabulous. I had my last glasses from Specsavers last year but I am bored of them already x

    • They have such a reasonable range in at the moment – I am slightly addicted now!

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    You look lovely, glasses really suit you! H x

  • Yay you chose my favourite pair! I love cat eye lenses, sorry to hear about your dad but glad the optician managed to buy him 10 more years xxx

  • Melanie Edjourian

    You chose a lovely pair they really suit you 😉

  • I love the glasses you decided on. It’s great that specsavers allowed you to get a nice deal on them.

  • I think you did they look very good on you and now nice to stay local to that branch

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 16. Never did like the contact lens idea so it’s always been specs for me. Loving your choices! So glad an opticians visit saved your father too – they are very valuable, opticians, and can spot things really early.

    • Up until that point, I never realised just how important a job they did, We were very thankful x

  • I am a contact lens wearer but I wear glasses sometimes. I like the pair you settled for xo

  • Tori Gabriel

    Wow! That story about your dad was incredible. I hope that optician recieved a huge thank you.

    I wear glasses and I stick with the same frames each time because I’m too scared of looking like Elton John.

    • They certainly did honey! They have some fabulous styles – I always struggle to choose which one I like best xx

  • Lenses that you can wear for 30 days sound really handy, but I really like you in those glasses! They go great with your vintage style.

  • Mark

    They look amazing, glasses on women have always been a weakness of mine :0)

  • They look amazing. Glasses can look so stylish.

  • I really need to go and get my eyes checked. I had them layered a long time ago, but I can feel my prescription changing and the frequent headaches from eye strain returning. Thanks for reminding me! Ps. I love that they helped your dad- that eye test was vital for him and like you said gave you all another 10 years with him.x

    • Glad my blog reminded you! 10 Vital years made a lot of difference to the family, It was amazing of them x

  • Leanne Dolan

    i love getting new specs, although i tend to go for the same sort of frames each time!

  • Jo Smith

    My grandad had his eye ball removed last week as an emergency. All thanks to the opticians identifying things quickly and swiftly x

    • Jo, I hope that your Grandad has a speedy recovery. If it is any help, my Dad got on perfectly well without his, still drove, swam, played Darts and had a fantastic 10 years. I hope your Grandad goes on from strength to strength, Best wishes to your family xx

  • Amazing story about them giving your dad an extra 10 years! That really is inspirational. I’ll also have to check out those lenses you can wear for a month and tell my boyfriend about them! Your new glasses look great 🙂

  • omg how lucky are you? all the glasses choices look amazing. i really like the last two pics, the cats eye glasses have always been my fave