Delightful Dolly and Dotty does it again!

So, if you read my previous post on the wonderful range of dresses out there at the moment, called  Payday Pretties you will know I had a bit of a dilemma as to which item to treat myself to.

Whilst doing the wishlist post, I was chatting to the lovely Lydia and Katie at Dolly and Dotty as I needed some digital prints to add to it and Lydia told me that there were quite a few new items in stock, including Capes, Skirts and some new Prints.


Well, I just had to go and have a look for myself! I think I fell in love with this company a little more at what I saw. The pencil skirts and matching jackets, capes and new dress prints were simply divine.

Dolly and Dotty really are becoming a great place to get wonderful dresses from, in a great quality and at a very l reasonable price. This makes me a Very happy goddess!

Katie very kindly offered to send me one of the dresses and a cape to review, which I was blown away by. So, I gave her a couple of choices and waited for the postman to arrive.

The package duly arrived and I couldn’t help but rip into it to see exactly what Katie had sent. Oh, let me tell you, I really wasn’t disappointed!

The first package I took out was the beautiful Sabrina Glamorous 50’s Style Cape Shrug in Red


This little item is absolutely fabulous! A sleeveless short length cape in a vibrant red colour. The shrug closes at the neck with a large popper, cleverly hidden by a flat bow made of the same material. The Sabrina comes in both red, black and beige.

I like the whole idea of a cape shrug. I don’t always want something on my arms, but a little protection over the shoulders can be a great idea. This is light and easy to wear and totally changes the look of an outfit. I also have several other dresses in red, or with red accents so I think this is going to get quite a lot of wear.

The second package contained the stunning May V-neck 50’s Style Swing Dress in Black/Red Floral dress. Now, this was a dress that I was really keen on trying. The May dress comes in 23 different patterns and prints – pretty impressive in itself. But I was totally struck on the Black/Red Floral.


Featuring a large printed floral design with accents of red, blue and creamy pink, it really is a stand out dress. I thought that teamed up with the Sabrina Cape Shrug would result in a pretty special look. And I wasn’t wrong!

One of the best bits about this dress is the pleated cross-over V bodice. It allows a bit of breathing space for the “girls” yet, can be pinned with a lovely vintage brooch if a bit more coverage is required. For me it is the perfect kind of dress and one style I keep reverting back to again and again.


Once I put the cape on, I felt totally different again. Certainly more glamorous and ready for a night out on the tiles!

The other amazing thing about this particular dress, is that whilst their dresses come with one matching belt, this particular one has TWO! Why two though? Well, theres a matching floral one, and a plain black one, so you can accessorise it in different ways. Now, I don’t know about you but I think that it a Genius idea!


There was also a surprise bonus item in my package – a 1950s Inspired Bandana in Black with Big Roses which is in the same fabric as the dress, and again is two sided. Floral on one side, black on the other. I love the whole idea of having the choice of two different looks, depending on what mood I am in. AND you are also getting twice as much value for your money. You just can’t lose!

This whole dress screams class to me. It is a timeless design, made of a thick cotton, which is easy to iron and even easier to wear. As previously mentioned, the quality of the material used belies the relatively small price of the item.

I have purchased other dresses similar to this in price and style, from other online retailers and the quality is very poor, with thin cotton that wrinkles with every movement. This dress is far superior to those, for the same cost.


I could honestly see me wearing this to a multitude of occasions. Going out for a quiet lunch, popping to the shops, or worn to a wedding with a pair of heels and a fascinator. It is such a versatile dress, and when added to the Cape Shrug, it transforms it into an evening outfit.

The dress currently retails at the price of £32.99, which in itself is an absolute bargain. The quality is fantastic for such a low price, and makes the dress even more accessible. The Cape Shrug is only £24.99, and can be worn with a variety of dresses that I already own, so for me a perfect piece to add to my wardrobe. The Headband is only £4.99 and again changes the look of the outfit being doublesided.


All combined, the total price of just under £63 makes this a very affordable range to invest in. The fact that I can mix and match the cape shrug and bandana with other outfits I already own is a bonus too.

I wore this outfit to a family meal at a local Italian restaurant on Saturday night.  My sister in law, brother in law and niece had travelled up from Portsmouth, and my Mum was going to join us too. I had booked a table for 10 of us, and decided that I would give this its debut.

But I couldn’t actually wait to wear it and as I was going out with a friend for a meal, decided to wear it. I  had a marvellous time in it and then got home, washed, dried and ironed it. It washed really well and once ironed was immaculate again!


I wore it on Saturday night with a red Lady V London petticoat, red and black Retro heels and my Red Glamour Bunny Pinup Bag bag. For me it was the perfect outfit. I felt both glamorous, yet comfortable and the dress looked as fresh at the end of the night as it did the beginning!

For someone who may just be starting out on the vintage/retro scene, you really should get yourself along to the Dolly and Dotty Website  I have no doubt that you will find something on there to catch your eye, without punishing your purse.


I know it won’t be long until there will be other Dolly and Dotty items hanging up in my wardrobe!

**Whilst the items were gifted to me, all views and opinions are purely my own**

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  • Wendy

    I love your outfits always, you look so put together! The two belts thing is genius and I can’t believe no one else has done this before! I’m going to sidle over to the Dotty and Dolly website now… 🙂

  • kitty kaos

    You look amazing as always I need to check out dolly and dotty I havent had a look yet!! xx

  • You look great. I need to look up Dolly and Dotty. I love the name and the pieces look fab.

  • Rosana McPhee

    The red colour suits you and the flowery dress too. Good purchases! R

  • Beth

    Those colours really suit you. You look so lovely in that dress!

  • I am totally going to have to check out Dolly and Dotty you look absolutely amazing in those pieces, red looks awesome on you. x

    • Thank you Sarah, I never used to wear much of it at all – But now it’s one of my favourites x

  • Kira L Curtis

    Love the outfit! and I love the idea of having two belts to match it! Changes the outfit completely! 😀

    • It really does! Such a good idea, and you could also use them with other dresses too x

  • I adore this style of dresses, and am in love with your dress. I am going to have to pop over and have a look and no doubt have a huge wish list when I have finished. We also do a lot of photography shoots with this style and always being asked by models of where they can buy dresses as they know I love this style.

    • I am glad that I could be of help! They really do have a great selection, so I think you might be right about that huge wish list!

  • Such a beautiful dress, it really does suit you! x

  • Reclusive Fox

    Love the dress, you wear it well 🙂 Such a great price too.

  • This dress is gorgeous I love the red pumps and the print of the dress is gorgeous xx

  • Ayse

    The dresses and you look amazing. Being plus size and young (ish) I’m always on the look out for new brands that offer younger styles and prints x

    • They have some amazing styles and prints, I am sure you would be able to find something suitable! x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Loving the print and style of the dress. Great to hear it’s of a good quality.

  • I’m loving the new dress. The pattern is so pretty! This is an awesome look.

  • Stunning! Simply stunning! Loving this look – and that red cape is so fairy tale! 🙂

  • I need to start saving up, you always have such beautiful classic style. I live in pumps and t-shirts. Can’t dress myself at all! I’m so jealous xx

  • You look lovely, such a pretty dress! Red suits you so much.
    – Emily from

  • Nays Voice

    I think this dress looks lovely on you. The benefit about dresses like this is you can get creative and make it into a skirt outfit by putting a cardigan over it.