Street Food, Sunny Skies and Sore Feet!

Sunday morning the Sun was shining, the sky was blue and the air-con in the car wasn’t working…… The M1 into London was relatively free flowing, and I didn’t have a care in the World. I was off to wander around our glorious Capital City and enjoy the best weather we have had in sometime.

Popping on my Pin Up Girl Clothing Ella dress in Baton Rouge print, with little pink ballet flats and a pink orchid in my hair, I was ready to hit the City. Stuffing my oyster card in my Woody Ellen bag, I jumped into the car and we were off.

I had treated myself to Gregory Porter’s new album “Take Me To The Alley” and this was playing on the car stereo and I was as chilled as a Penguin on it’s holiday sipping a Pina Colada!

Arriving in Hangar Lane, we parked up and hopped onto the tube, heading in the direction of Liverpool Street. A regular haunt, Spitalfields and Brick Lane are always worth visiting on a Sunny Day as there is so much to see and do.


Pottering around Spitalfields, I treated myself to an Iced Lemon Tea from a vendor and slowly sipped it whilst meandering around the various stalls and vendors. Walking out the top end, we headed to Brick Lane as tummies were starting to rumble and there is an amazing hall full of street food sellers right in the heart of the Lane.

In one building there must be over 50 different food stalls (at least) selling everything from Lithuanian meatballs, Japanese Okonomiyaki, to Brazilian Pork and Chinese Noodles. Huge frankfurters, Gooey chocolate brownies and Saffron spiced Spanish Paella can all be sampled and bought for low prices! I love visiting there as you never could grow bored with all the variety on offer!

Choosing Chinese for lunch, we ordered a large container full of noodles, with a portion of crispy chilli chicken AND Rendang chicken for the bargain price of £6! Sitting outside we stuffed ourselves full of the tastiest Chinese food we had in a long time. Absolutely fantastic!


After our tummies were sated we decided that as the weather was so glorious, we would head down to the riverside and just enjoy a sit down whilst people watching.

Hopping on the tube from Liverpool Street, we stopped off at St Paul’s, walking around Paternoster Square before heading for the Millennium Bridge.

In the centre of Paternoster Square is the Paternoster Chop House – This is the restaurant where First Dates is filmed, and as this programme is a firm favourite in our household, I had to get a picture of it!


We ambled down to the Millennium Bridge, taking in the views across the river – The Shard, Tower Bridge, The Globe Theatre were all laid out before us. Such a variety of landmarks – The oldest, the replica and the ultra modern, all within shouting distance of each other. Such a stunning panorama!


Crossing the bridge, we walked past the Tate Modern, heading towards the South Bank. We were unavoidably delayed when we came across a delightful little pub with outside seating. The Founders Arms Pub was simply a wonderful stopover on a hot, tiring sunny day! A large glass of Lime and Soda really quenched the thirst. Then a large Absolut and Coke went down even better!


In my stupidity, I decided I wanted to “pop” to Marylebone to pick up some food for dinner. Now, in my stupidity I didn’t realise Marylebone station is not actually anywhere near Marylebone High Street. And the shop I wanted was half way down the High street. Queue a walk of around a mile in 26 degree heat, and I was starting to get a little grumpy.

We arrived at the Natural Kitchen to get the Lamb steaks, only to find they were out of stock. Gutted!


We then made the decision to walk down the length of the High Street, heading towards Bond Street with the intention of going back to Hangar Lane for the car drive home. I had also underestimated quite how long that road was, and how much mileage I had already put in that day.

Unfortunately the soles of my feet had become very sore and it felt like I was walking on razor blades. Thin soled ballet shoes on hot pavements combined with lots of mileage really did my feet no good at all. But the whole day was actually a wonderful time, and the Sun was the icing on the cake.


We eventually got back to the car, where Gregory Porter lulled me off into a little sleep. Waking back up as the car pulled into the the driveway, I was thrilled to have had such a lovely day out and about, but was in love with the prospect of the cold shower that was waiting for me!

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  • Cassandra Mayers

    Looks like you visited some of my favourite places in London but also some I haven’t been to myself. Lovely day for a trip in 🙂

    • I thoroughly recommend all the places we went to – I have loads more that I still want to visit though x

  • Aww such beautiful pictures and sounds like you had a really lovely day out!

    C xx

  • London in the sunshine is the best! I always get caught out with the walking too thinking things aren’t as far as they are. x

  • Oh wow it looks like you had the most amazing time, nothing like London in the sun – I adore your sunbrella! x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    It looks like you had a great time and you can always find street food of some sort here in London x

  • You were definitely enjoying the sun. Loving the photos.

  • I can’t believe the M1 was relatively free flowing, that never happens. Sounds like great food x

  • Beth

    The photos are fab! You look lovely too! Love the umbrella shade 🙂

  • What a nice day out on the town. Exploring those food stalls sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Ali

    I love a sunny day in London! It sounds like you really made the most of it! I can’t wait to have a day there soon!

  • Laura

    I love to see the Gerkin, I used to think it was called the Pickle!! I love sunny days in london- the street food looks amazing! xxx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    What a lovely day out. I can’t believe I have never been to this part of London.

  • It seems like you have had such a wonderful day in London, I live quite central like I mentioned on another one of your posts so it’s so nice to see all the pictures of home on a lovely sunny day! I love Spitafields so much, the food there is amazing… Also I used to work near the Gherkin and they have amazing street food vendors from around 11-3 on weekdays for the lunchtime rush so if you’re ever in London then check out the road that comes down from Goulston Street there! xx

  • You looked gorgeous in that dress and I love the markets in East London there is such a great atmosphere! Oh and I love First Dates as well the building they film it in is beautiful!

  • Street food sounds perfect! I’m going to the Midlands foodie festival next week and I’ve been anticipating it since April, honestly. Love my food, glad you had a great day out ( minus the achey feet!) xx Hope you rested up after all that adventure 🙂

  • Street food! How awesome is that! I wish we had that sort of thing where I live. Sounds like a great day out and you looked awesome, as always!

  • Working Mum Blog

    Street food sounds so yummy at the moment. I am really hungry! I miss going to the markets so really keen on getting out exploring this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration x

  • Spitalfields market gets better and better. hope your feet are now back to normal.

  • Jessica

    What a wonderful day. Good to know that there’s space for street food there. Best time to stroll indeed.

  • Sometimes I forget just how pretty our capital is. Looks like I missed out on really good weather.

  • kitty kaos

    I really don’t go to London enough looks fab and I adore street food x