Perfect Presents for the Birthday Princess!

So, I am going to be the ripe old age of 42 on the 4th July. Middle aged, yet still acting like a child (or so I get told frequently!)

Now, as sensible as I know I should be, I am not ready yet to grab my zimmer frame and fade quietly in the background, so I thought I would come up with a list of all the pretty things that I fancy – Hopefully this might give my family some idea of what I would love this year!

Firstly, I have totally run out of the only perfume I wear – Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey Eau De Toilette (£34.00 to £75.00)


This has been my favourite perfume for the past several years, and the only one I ever ask for now. I used to wear Ghost, and also Dune but when I first started wearing this, everything else just paled in comparison.

I have never tried the Eau de Parfum, (£36.00 to £60.00) so I think I might add that to the list to try!

When I went to LondonEdge in January, I arranged to get a dress that I just fell in love with and I am now looking for the accessories to go with it. Whilst I am keeping the dress a surprise for the moment, I need this bag in my life!

The  SkinnyDip Seashell Bag (£30.00) is just divine, and will match it perfectly. Unfortunately it is out of stock at the moment, so I am hoping and praying that it comes back into the stores soon! The colour is a perfect match, and the fact that it goes with the theme of my dress, would make it the ideal bag.


This  Mermaid Glitter Bag (£34.00) could be a second possible, if the Seashell bag doesn’t come back into stock. This, too is out of stock. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for both of them to return.

The fabulous thing about this bag is that the Glitter is suspended in liquid so moves and flows in the bag. How cool is that?


Moving onto my favourite thing, dresses. There are several I fancy at the moment, and this one has to be my favourite.

Lindybop’s Brittany Lipstick dress (£32.00) is just cute in every way. I love the lipstick print, and those pockets really finish it off. The unusual loveheart cut out back is something different too. I really think its a standout dress, which will look perfect hanging up in my wardrobe, and even better on me!


A close second is the Lindybop Maybelle Jacquard two piece (£55.00) – A beautiful peach dress and matching jacket. This looks just like something Jackie O would wear, and as I have nothing like it in my wardrobe, a different style for me to try.

It really is timelessly elegant, and that boxy jacket is just so lovely that I really want to see if it works with My figure.


Dolly and Dotty have some lovely summery things at the moment, and their sailor inspired Melissa Dress (£29.99) is just so cute and perfect for the summer. I think if I added some cute wedge heels and maybe a little sailor hat, I would be set for a day at the seaside.

melissa dress

I am sadly lacking vintage style accessories, and Erstwilder have some amazing things. Their Kiss and Tell Earrings (£14.93) are super cute and would go with so many of my outfits. Although this is an Australian based website, there are UK sellers here too.


I love this Milkshake Brooch (£17.43) It is really colourful and right up my street. It has that perfect vintage 50’s vibe, and is a little quirky. I can already imagine at least 4 of my dresses that it would look perfect with.

milkshake brooch

In the last series of Erstwilder releases, they had a very beautiful brooch that I fell in love with. I never seemed to have the funds to treat myself to it though, so I have managed to source it at BarKATtheMeow. The Freshen Up Brooch is so pretty, and unusual in the fact it is in 2 parts with a connecting chain. It is also reduced in price (£23.00) – Bargain!


I have wanted a Lady Lucks Boutique Lily Hair flower for ages! I never seem to get round to ordering one, and I really really should. These come with either cherries, or a plain Lily, although you could never call this flower plain! Stargazer Lilies (£9.95) are my absolutely favourite flower, and have them in the house a lot. I think this would be a perfect present.


Lola Ramona was a brand that I saw at LondonEdge, and their range is second to none. Mix and match shoes and bags, in spots and stripes – I literally was drooling over them all. For this reason I have had to add these two products to my list. I love the shape of the Boatie bag (£50.00). Oddly impractical, but so very cute.

The Angie Shoe (£79.00 – £98.00) is just the cutest thing. I love the mixed up dots and stripes, and the red accent colour really sets it off. The shoes need to have a smallish heel, in order for me to be able to walk in easily, however there are several other higher pairs that would match this bag so very well too.

Lastly on my list is a very random item. I am very particular when it comes to my cup of tea. I love Earl Grey and Duchess Grey in general. but my absolute favourite is the Williamsons tea brand. It is such a lovely tasting tea, and I don’t drink anything else but this brand.

I also think this is helped by the fact that it comes in cute metal elephant cannisters. I have quite a lot of them, but they keep releasing new ones! And as I am totally out of their tea, what better idea than to get a new one.

Williamsons Teatime Earl Grey Cannister (£14.95) – This is a totally new pattern and it would look lovely with the 7 or 8 I already have.


As it is the only tea I drink, a multipack of teabags (£24.95 for 200) would be a bonus too


For some reason, the Duchess Grey is at an amazing  bargain price on Amazon currently, so I might need to treat myself!

The Williamsons Duchess Grey 200 pack is only £9.96 at the moment – well it would be rude not to?


So… there you have it! My birthday want list. Obviously there is no way I expect to get all of these things, it’s more an either/or kind of thing.

To be fair, I would be more than happy with just the teabags!! 🙂

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  • You are still a baby lol, I love all your choices I was looking at hair flowers the other day, as one of the models we work with is very 40’s and 50’s and she recently got herself a gorgeous one.

    • Awww thank you! I could probably spend my monthly wages on hair flowers – If the OH would let me! :$ x

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Oh my god! So many gorgeous things! You beast! I want the lip earrings, milkshake brooch, and I love my gold Mermaid Shell Bag!
    (Nearly) Happy Birthday!,uk

  • I am in my late forties and I still have a huge juvenille streak in me…and why not!
    I am always making lists for myself of treats and things I want. Great choices and once you get them all take pictures and show us!

  • What gorgeous things, I saw a seashell print bag in Primark the other day but I think it was silvery in colour and not as vibrant as the one from Skinnydip. Hope you get spoilt rotten for your birthday x

  • Beth

    Oh wow what beautiful items and very unique too

  • Lovely items you got here. I love that perfume a lot.

  • These are awesome birthday picks! I really like the seashell bag! The milkshake brooch is cute too.

  • Vintage Fee

    Loving it all! I did almost buy the mermaid tears bag, but when I looked up the dimensions it wasn’t even long enough to hold my phone!!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Perfume and clothes are always winners for me on my birthday too!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love the Skinny Dip Mermaid tears bag, ive held it in my hands and almost bought it x

  • Tori Gabriel

    I utterly adore that seashell bag!! I’m not surprised it’s out of stock everywhere. It’s so unique. I need it!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    The Issey is a great choice I need to get some for myself.

  • kitty kaos

    T you have such good taste i want like everything on the list x

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Have a wonderful birthday, everything on your list looks great.

  • I love that seashell bag – looking forward to seeing the dress you have to go with it!

  • I love the freshen up broach, it is so unique! I really hope you have a wonderful birthday and get some lovely treats from your list xx

  • Working Mum Blog

    I Love Love Love the Lindybop Maybelle Jacquard two piece dress. I will have to get one. Have a great birthday and thanks for sharing your want list. xx

  • I adore Skinny Dip and I really want to buy their Mermaid Tears bag. The coral dress is so cute too.

  • Issues Miyake was my wedding perfume – Will always have a special place in my heart plus it is so fresh and still current years later.

  • I absolutely love al your picks-especially the first skirted vintage dresses; I really struggle to find these and love them!