Bowled Over

So, a couple of weeks ago I went to The Curvy Convention in Hackney. Spending the day surrounded by plus size beauties, whilst watching catwalk shows, and chatting with all the brands was a great way to spend a Saturday.

The sun was shining, and I was with my “herd”

Ice cream in the park was wonderful, and literally sitting and chatting for a few hours was just what a girl needed.

Whilst there were some amazing companies there, One of my favourites has to be Voodoo Vixen. Now as a girl who already owns a few of their dresses, I was absolutely over the moon to see them there.

And what was even better? They had a sale on!!!

As always, there were so many beautiful dresses to choose from, but as I needed a 4XL, these were a little more scarce. However, there were a few to choose from, and I couldn’t resist diving in and spending all my pennies.

I actually got three dresses and a cardigan, all in the most amazing prints, and will do a post on each of them soon.

The first one I am going to share is this beauty – The Ally Cat Bowling Pin dress and Peggy Sue Bowling Pin Cardigan.


This lovely Dark blue dress is just so cute, With the red and white bowling pin print and little white polka dots it really is a stylish dress, with a cute feel.

The dress is very generous both in fit and length. As I am only 5ft 4, it came to around my mid calf – just perfect!

The cardigan was a 3XL but was more than big enough to fit me. In fact, I had to turn the little cuffs over, as I am blessed/cursed with quite short arms, and it was a little long on me.


The dress has two red trimmed fake pockets, a red tie at the neckline and a contrasting red belt. All of this goes so very well with the extremely dark shade of blue that the main colour is made up of.  The dress itself is sleeveless, and for some people this could be a step too far for them.

I however, have mentioned before that of all the parts of my body I have issues with, my arms are not something I pay much attention to. However, for those of you who do, you can purchase a lovely matching cardigan – The Peggy Sue.

This cardigan is predominantly Dark blue again, with a dark red yoke, waistband and cuffs. On the two shoulders are appliqued bowling pins, one set white and one set red. The cardigan is down up with a row of shiny red buttons and has a lot of stretch and movement in it.


I tried the outfit on for the first time the following day, where I was going out with my daughters for an afternoon shopping for clothes (for them!)

I teamed the outfit up with my trusty old red glamour bunny handbag, as it just seemed to match it perfectly! Tagging that with my brand new fitflops Mary-Janes in black patent, I was ready to attack the shops.

This dress has a full enough skirt that you don’t really need to wear it wish a petticoat, but old habits die hard and I wore mine with a lightweigh black petticoat. This is not as full as the ones I normally wear, but is infinitely more practical for a day spent shopping.


The dress was really comfortable to wear, and still looked as fresh as a Daisy, several hours of indepth shopping later!

The cardigan was just warm enough to keep off the chill, without you overheating. And together it makes a lovely stylish outfit.

Bowling Cardigan

You can purchase this direct from Voodoo Vixen, however they only have it in a 4XL. However, you can get it from  the following suupliers, who have a few different sizes available

Ally Cat Dress (Simply Be)                                      Ally Cat Dress (Fashionworld)

I was really glad that I had got this dress and cardigan set, as I don’t have a set anything quite like it. It really is a stand out dress and brought a few smiles as people saw it.

bowling dress1

I do feel that this dress is suitable for a myriad of occasions, I have wore it shopping and out for lunch, but equally I would wear it for a casual night out. I have to admit that it would be perfect for a night out at the local bowling alley!

Anyone up for a game?

Till next time

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  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Oh I do love a good sale! That would have me smiling too 🙂

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    I’ve long loved this dress, and you look adorable in it! I picked up two at Curvy Con too. I need to get them photographed and on the blog. Especially excited about my blue Katniss x

    • I wanted a blue Katniss so badly but they didn’t have my size 🙁 Can’t wait to see your blog post about it! Much love


  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love that dress! That is totally something I would wear to a Christmas party.

  • It is such a cute dress, I love it! You’ve also given me a longing for an ice cream lol x

    • That ice cream seriously hit the spot too! I have wore this a couple of times now and it never fails to make me smile!

  • I am loving that cardi – how cute is it! Great for people who do have long arms that it offers that extra length as well. x

    • It is, and to be honest you can’t really notice that I have to roll mine up!

  • Though not familiar with voodoo vixen I am loving the dress and how you styled it

  • I love the dress and the cardi, I have not heard of the range before. I have to say I am very envious of your wardrobe I love your clothes x

  • That cardi isn’t something I would like but I actually really like that one and it look so lovely on you. Your clothes are gorgeous. x

    • Thank you so much Beth, I don’t wear very many cardigans either, but I couldn’t resist this one

  • Melanie Edjourian

    You have great taste in clothes I love the style of dresses you go for very feminine.

    • Thank you Melanie, I am really loving the 50’s fashion out there at the moment

  • Yes! I love the dress the print is gorgeous and as always you look beautiful hun xxx

    • Thank you Ana, it is always lovely to get a compliment from someone as stylish as yourself! Tx

  • Very cute! I’m loving the colors and the pattern on the dress is amazing. The cardigan is perfect!

    • Thank you Liz, It’s a super outfit and I am so glad that I managed to get it!

  • What a lovely dress you’ve got! You were so lucky to have nice weather for the event x

    • It was an amazing day Rhian. It wouldn’t have been quite as good if the weather was rubbish. Although spending time with friends is always amazing

  • Lovely dress but can I just say that Ice Cream looks amazing aha!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love the print of the dress – its gorgeous x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love the print on the dress and I love how great you have styled it too x

  • I love the way you styled this dress. So pretty.

  • i can definitely imagine that dress being night dress like you said. i do love the bowling patten. its different

  • What a cute dress! Love the print, it looks great on you and goes so well with that cardi.

    • Thank you Becca! I do feel it’s a good combo and one I am getting a lot of wear out of.

  • Leanne Dolan

    That’s great that you were able to pick up a couple of things from one of your most loved brands, in the sleep too!!!

  • Laura

    Aw I love this blog post as you can see how happy you are with your new dress! The print is fabulous! xxx

  • Love the dress. The print is very pretty and really suits you.

    • Thank you Jemma, I have wore it a couple of times now and it really cheers me up!

  • Jessica

    black and red is an elegant mix. love the details of the design. 🙂

  • That cardi looks lovely on you – Hurrah for short arms – Mine are sooo long. Love your cheeky smile and confidence on these pics.

  • Nice looking dress and it suits you well. Cardi looks cute too.

  • Things Sarah Loves

    Ah I love the dress and I love, love, love the handbag!