What Tanya Wore!

For the first time ever, I thought I would do a round up of all the lovely clothes I wore this month on my adventures. The one thing this has shown me is just how many dresses I actually have.

Which is far too many.

The fact that I have 6 other dresses due to arrive this month clearly shows that I have an addiction. It may even be time to start going through my wardrobes and selling a few on. Watch this space!

Anyway, what did I wear this month? Mainly Pin Up Girl Clothing, with a little Voodoo Vixen, Dolly and Dotty, Lady Voluptuous and Lindybop thrown in there for good measure.


Voodoo Vixen Ally Cat Dress


Pin Up Girl Clothing Monica Dress


Pin Up Girl Clothing Ella Dress in Baton Rouge – No longer available


Pin Up Girl Clothing Pele Dress – No longer available

Do you have a favourite? Or more so is there any you don’t like?

Till next time,


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  • You’re so ceaselessly put together and sophisticated – love your style so much!
    My favourite is the Tiki dress – you were wearing it when I first met you and it rings in my memory still!

    C xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      Awww thank you sweetheart! Can’t believe that was a year ago now! xx

  • So many pretty dresses, you are absolutely amazing at putting together such stunning outfits! <3

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Sarah, that means an awful lot x

  • KGR

    You have some really lovely styles and dresses! X

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you very much xx

  • Kacie Morgan

    All of these dresses look stunning on you, but I particularly love the purple one – the colour really does suit you 🙂

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you! That is one of my favourites, I have to be honest! x

  • Sam Brez

    You absolutely have an amazing dress sense, especially with the rockabilly look, really suits you! Absolutely stunning dress colelction, I envy your wardrobe!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you very much Sam, I am a little addicted to dresses! x

  • I am so jealous of your wardrobe, you hav some fantastic dresses I actually love them all x

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you very much! It’s a recent addiction lol x

  • You have an amazing collection of dresses. I love them all.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you very much Stella xx

  • Wow you certainly do have a lot of dresses! My favourite is the LindyBop Lana dress with that adorable cherry necklace!

    • Tanya Brannan

      These really are the tip of the iceberg Helen :$
      The Lana is one of my favourites too – really easy to wear xx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love the last one, the print is gorgeous

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is a lovely dress, and so stretchy and comfortable. x

  • Jessica

    You have lovely dresses! 🙂 I love the blue floral and the plain blue from Harley Dress.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Jessica, The Harley is a great dress and a bit unusual to the norm x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    You have a great selection of dresses there, I love dresses too!!!

    • Tanya Brannan

      I only started wearing dresses around 18 months ago. Now I am addicted x