Lindybop sale results

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about the amazing 75% off Lindybop sale, and the items that I had ordered.

I also said that I was pretty sure that not everything was going to fit, and I might be sending a few things back.

Now, you might ask just why I was under that impression? Mainly because I had ordered a couple of wiggle dresses, which can be a bit hit and miss on me, and also a pair of culotte trousers and I genuinely wasn’t sure that they would even get up over my hips.

Well, the items arrived and I duly unpacked them.

There was the Tabby, the Tiffany, the Bobette, the Maybelle suit, the Carlotta and the Caterina. All massively reduced in the sale.

The first outfit I tried on, was the Tabby – a beautiful emerald green off the shoulder wiggle dress. And I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It just feels great on, and made me feel like a vintage siren. The material has some stretch, a full rear zip and pockets in the front – Bonus!


I chose to wear this out for a meal with one of my close friends, pairing it up with my skinnydip London pineapple bag and yellow hair flowers. I stole my daughters green satin shoes for the night and I was all set.

This dress survived a night out, and came back looking like it had been hanging up all night. Hardly any creasing or issues. I thoroughly recommend this dress, especially for a night out.

The second dress was the lovely black and cream Tiffany dress. Another straight dress, with contrasting cuffs, collar and pockets. I have to admit, not really my usual style – but something I was really drawn to.

I loved the whole classic look of this dress, and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. The material was stretchy, yet fitted my curves perfectly. The cream accents were delightful, and I really loved the collar as it was different to anything else I own.


I teamed this up with some black and cream new look peep toe heels, and I was good to go!

The next item I tried was the one that I didn’t think was going to work. The Bobette cullotte trousers. The reason I honestly didn’t think they would work is that I have a strange bottom half, very hippy but with quite a smaller waist. But I was desperate to give them a go, and I really was amazed with the results.


The culottes fit great, if not actually a little big! They are fantastically shaped, with a side zip, but also a button panel at the front that you can choose to undo instead. They have pockets and are a lovely wide leg. I totally adored them.

I matched the trousers up with some nautical navy kitten heels from next, my octopus earrings and necklace from Dolly Cool, and a brand new bag that I had received for my birthday from Rosa Rosa.

I had chosen both the Caterina and the Carlotta tops to go with the Culottes. Mainly as I don’t own any other tops and wanted a couple so I could mix and match.
The Caterina was dark blue gingham peasant style top, with white rick-rack accents, a shirred middle section and cap sleeves.


The Carlotta was a cute jersey sleeveless nautical style top, with a white Peter Pan collar and navy blue neckerchief. Both of them looked absolutely adorable with the trousers, and make for a very easy to wear outfit when you don’t want the full 50’s dress look.


Now, for my favourite item. The Maybelle Peach Jacquard Suit. Or so I thought.

I left it till last and then tried it on. I had my daughter take pictures of me, and I waited eagerly to see how fabulous I looked.

Except I didn’t!!!

The whole suit just didn’t look right on me. And I know the exact reason why. It is my stupid boobs, ruining things again!

The dress, although not a perfect fit (it was a bit gappy in the underarms and my VBO was quite prominent – although I wasn’t wearing my shapewear) it wasn’t too bad.


I could probably have styled it up and been relatively satisfied with it.

But then I put the gorgeous little jacket on, and immediately looked like a sack of potatoes.  The jacket came up higher on me than shown in the picture, explained already as a result of my chest.

This gave the effect that it was too short and too small.


I have to admit, I was gutted! Of all the outfits, I had been lusting over this for so long, and thought all my Christmases had come together when it was reduced by nearly 50%.

Alas it was not to be, and instead of returning any of the other items, it was sadly the Maybelle that ended up back in the mail for a refund.

Apart from this one disaster, the other items were all totally amazing and I am really glad that I took a chance on them.

Do you have a favourite out of my choices? Did you get any bargains? How did they look on you?

Till next time,


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  • LaaLaa

    The wiggle dress – wow, I’d love one myself something so feminine and sexy about them. Lovely picks honey x

    • Tanya Brannan

      You would look amazing in one!!! I thoroughly recommend them. x

  • I totally feel your pain with the curse of the boobs, but still, what an amazing haul! Those culottes are amazing – they look as comfy as they are cute, and the top that you’re wearing them with too is completely divine! xox

    • Tanya Brannan

      I was so chuffed with all the rest of the items that I got over the suit very quickly! I bought a second pair of the culottes too 🙂 x

  • I love the Maybelle too but hated the colour so never bought it. The rest of the clothes are beautiful I particularly like the black and cream dress.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too Vicky, I can’t wait to wear it out x

  • Joanna

    I really love the green wiggle dress such a gorgeous color

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is stunning in colour, and so very lovely to wear x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Now I absolutely love the culottes they are a great length and such a lovely colour x

    • Tanya Brannan

      They are so good that I had to buy a second pair! x

  • Looove the pineapple bag – sounds like you found some great bits!

    Milly |

    • Tanya Brannan

      I really did Milly! The bag is amazing x

  • I really love the green dress, you looked amazing in it! Great pieces.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you so much xx

  • Oh no! I would have thought the peach suit would have looked the best but I think the best was the green satin xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too Ana, I was so disappointed but the green more than makes up for it! x

  • The dresses and the jewelry look really amazing on you. The green one is my favourite

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is such a lovely dress to wear Anosa, I am so glad I tried it x

  • You look amazing in that green dress! And that Pineapple bag! OH MY GOSH I NEED IT!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Sarah, the bag really did top it all off! x

  • Sometimes it isn’t meant to be when things don’t fit. The rest of the dresses look amazing though x

    • Tanya Brannan

      Exactly Rhian! I looked horrid, but the rest of them are amazing x

  • I’m glad most of your outfits were so great! I’m definitely liking both dresses and the culotte trousers.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Liz, I am chuffed with my choices x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love the sailor look – that is the kind of style that I am really in to at the moment.

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is so cute and easy to wear. I have bought a 2nd pair of the culottes as they are so good x

  • Mellissa Williams

    I’ve heard about this company before, they have amazing retro designs. I love the black dress

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Mellissa, it is my favourite outfit of all those I chose x

  • The black dress is my fav. So chic. Need to check this brand out.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too Stella, I can’t wait to wear it out x

  • I adore the green dress and I think you look amazing in the culottes! Such a shame that you had to send back the one you had been lusting over for so long though xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too Charli, it was just not meant to be! I love the culottes and had to buy a second pair x

  • Some great finds here, that pineapple bag is everything!

    • Tanya Brannan

      It really is great! Gets a lot of attention x

  • Hannah

    I love your octopus jewellery and the pineapple bag – really fun!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too! My daughter thinks I am regressing lol x

  • Stan Hope

    Love the culottes, I had always thought of them as an uncomfortable hybrid- but they look so good on you. All the dresses too and credit to you for sending back the ‘favourite’and recognising the fault that didn’t do your shape justice!

    • Tanya Brannan

      The culottes are so good I had to by a second pair!! I was disappointed about the Maybelle, but it was just horrid on me x

  • Bethany Naismith

    I love that octopus jewellery, it’s so cute!

    • Tanya Brannan

      It really is!! x

  • BixxBoxx

    I’ve been eagerly waiting to see how the suit turned out as I’ve been coveting it myself! I’m pleased I didn’t try it… My favourite has to be the culottes and Peter Pan collar top – so cute on you! The black and white dress is gorgeous too – very Joan from Mad Men! I went for an Audrey in navy blue which I’ll be teaming with my white petticoat and silver heels for a wedding reception in a few weeks! I love Lindy Bop – especially their sales!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Yes, it was a bit disappointing, but the other amazing clothes more than made up for it! X

  • Helen Clark

    Sorry you had to send back the one you’d wanted. I love all the others though, especially the black and white dress and nautical top.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Helen, the black and white is actually my favourite! x

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Oh what a shame you had to return one – I do love those trousers on you in the first pic though 🙂

    • Tanya Brannan

      They are so good that I had to buy a second pair!! x

  • Oh what a shame it didn’t fit you right – silly boobs making things awkward! The ones you’re keeping all look amazing though, I love the Tabby dress – that green suits you so well ♥

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    • Tanya Brannan

      Somethings are just not meant to be! I love all the others though and am so pleased to get them in the sale x

  • I love Lindy Bop and their designs. Of to check out the sale.

    • Tanya Brannan

      Don’t spend too much 😉 x

  • Love your nautical look – such a cute put-together!

    • Tanya Brannan

      I think it is one of my favourite outfits at the moment! x

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love the look of the green dress, such a pretty colour x

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is a fab dress, and so comfortable to wear too! x

  • Those culottes look absolutely amazing on you, and I love the black and white pencil dress too. I have to say I have fallen in love with that Skinnydip pineapple bag as well…. it might have gone on my wishlist 🙂 x

    • Tanya Brannan

      I was so glad that I managed to get everything in the sale. My wishlist is a little smaller now 🙂 x

  • I love all the different bright colours! Also that pineapple bag from SkinnyDip is amazing!

    • Tanya Brannan

      I really love colour now, after spending years buying black dresses. The green is my favourite x

  • I adore all of these looks – one day I’ll manage to look this glam!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Awwww I am sure you do already!! x

  • Jenni Grainger

    Great choices, I love how you completely suit 3 totally different looks x

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you Jenni x

  • I LOVE the Tabby in emerald green. I hope I’ve not missed the sale. Would really like to get that dress.

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is still available and also comes in several colours! x