Style Tips for the Big and Beautiful

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Nothing speaks confidence louder than a woman having fun with her closet, not bound by the do’s and don’t’s of fashion and wearing outfits that make her happy, and not because it’s in or it’s what the industry’s elite claim to be appropriate for you.

The clothes you put on in the morning offer a sense of empowerment that every one of us ladies should embrace. To help you with your self-confidence, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1) Ditch the rules and wear what makes you comfortable

For so many years, size 2 ladies have advised women who wear sizes 14 and up on how to dress. While their expertise in the industry may deem them knowledgeable on what is flattering on you, don’t let others define what feels right for you. Do as what The Curvy Fashionista advises, which is, “Toss out the ‘rules’ that have been drilled into our heads.” It’s not just the thinner girls who get to have all the fun, and with a little bit of experimentation, you’ll discover that there are actually trends out there that you can wear as well as anyone else.

2) Shop according to your body type, not your size

Many people are under the impression that plus size women should avoid body hugging apparel and opt for tunics and looser blouses, but regardless of the number that is written on the clothing label, you should always shop according to your body. Plus sizers also have different body shapes that shouldn’t be ignored or hidden by ponchos and other garments that essentially give you a shapeless appearance. As the fashion experts responsible for curating the collection of women’s tops on Lyst explain, there are a myriadof styles that you can play with, from tailored shirts to crop tops. Choose clothes that highlight your figure rather than ones that make you look like you’re wearing a potato sack.

3) Find a good tailor

In a perfect world, the dresses and pants you try on at the boutique will fit you right, but no matter how extensive a brand’s size chart is, there’s always a possibility of the hem being longer than you want or a pant leg being too wide for your liking. Instead of being bogged down by the small details, have a tailor handy to alter the items to your shape. Hemming pants and blouses, and cinching waists are just a few of the simple changes you can have your tailor fix that can lead to amazing results. As the number one tip from The Budget Fashionista, remember it’s the clothes that need altering, not your body.

Lastly, if the dress doesn’t fit quite right, don’t give up just yet. With simple alterations, such as a raised hemline or cinched waist, or even just a blazer, the dress can easily transform from drab to fab.

So ladies, embrace your figures, and never go shopping without your confidence.

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