Pie Eyed Pin Ups

Around 2 years ago I was just really getting started on Instagram. My social media usage was rubbish and I wasn’t yet blogging. But I was reading and following a lot of bloggers. Through this medium I started to make my first forays into the blogging community and making friends.

One of these friends was the Lovely Lolly from Lolly Likes Fatshion  who was a massive influence on what I was reading, watching and following.


Through following her on Instagram I was introduced to @sirdynamo. An artist from America who did some amazing pencil sketches of people. Plus size women, children, film characters, you name it he sketched it. I liked his work and started following him.

One day he posted a sketch and people started asking if it was me. Surely not? Why would he be sketching me. I went to have a look at the drawing, and sure enough I could see why people had named me. I thanked him for taking the time and effort to draw me, and he responded in a very gracious and gentlemanly way.


Since then he has drawn many people, quite a few ladies I know personally and I feel has he just got better and better.

Over the two years we have chatted a lot. We have shared stories of triumphs and failures. Of hard times and good. He has the most beautiful wife and family and we share our tales. It is strange to say that I consider him a good friend, considering I have never met him in person. Have never heard his voice or even seen his picture.  But that is not the kind of relationship we have.

Without the internet and the plus size community I would never have been introduced to his work. And that would be a terrible pity as I think he has a great talent that just seems to get better and better.


Every so often I get a “ping” as a notification comes through and I open my apps and find another drawing from him. The strange thing is, they always seem to come when I am having a bit of a tough time, or am down for whatever reason. Immediately they cheer me up, and put a smile right across my face.

The two sides of a Goddess

The two sides of a Goddess

Sometimes they are more realistic, other times cartoon character like. He did a series of sketches when I was searching for the perfect bra, which I had nicknamed “The Quest”. He came up with the first one but was dissatisfied the end result. So he tried it again and I ended up as the most awesome vintage warrior princess!

He drew me as a Miss Whiplash due to a photoshoot I had. Basic doodles become more and more involved until is happy with the end result. He also drew me as I am now. Irregardless of the style of sketch, I love every single one.

For this reason, and the fact that he honours me with his artistic skills, I decided to honour him with a post about all the sketches he has sent me.

He doesn’t ask for payment or reward. He does his art for the love of it. Random acts of kindness without any agenda. And that makes me love the art he sends my way, even more special.

I also had to add some of my favourite ones of other people he has drawn. And let me tell you, there are so many I like, that I just couldn’t include all of them in here.

Some of my recent favourites including FattyBoomTatty  Does my blog make me look fat  U cant wear that and Lolly Likes Fatshion

One of my all time favourites is a beautiful sketch he drew of Lolly’s wee baby boy Franklin. Just look at those eyes!

Now, talking of children, his are getting older and are probably more proficient on social media than I ever will be, he has a new account for his plus size pie eyes art. Why not go and give him a look and a like. Even better a follow – thepieeyes

He really does deserve the support!

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  • Francesca Nelson

    Oh what unique sketches they are all so beautiful!!! Hes got a real talent there!

  • Sam Rowswell

    Thank you for including mine. The sketches are so good that I can instantly tell who they’re of. I love the Boo sketch, he really does manage to catch everyone in the best way.

  • These are great, I can not draw to save my life unlike my husband and daughter who are great x

  • Joanna

    What fab sketches I’m rubbish at drawing even though I did do art for gcse.

  • Angela Milnes

    ha ha! These are really cool. I really like the sketches and it made for an interesting post.

  • Wow the pictures are so good, it’s such an honour that he drew you x

  • WonderfullyBookish

    This is amazing!! I really wish I could draw, seeing art like this makes me jealous!

  • Oh I’m off to follow this account now – sounds cool. Thanks for sharing xx – Sam | Life As Mrs R

  • Beautyqueenuk

    What a great account and such an amazing talent, one I always wished I had x

  • What great illustrations! Popping over to have a look! 🙂

  • Wow loving the illustrations. They are so fab.

  • I found this really interesting – amazing that all the sketches have the same sort of feel yet all very different! Very cool!


  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love those sketches – so different and cool X

  • What awesome drawings! I’d love to be able to sketch like this, so impressed at his work!

  • thats one thing i love about social media – finding new people! i do love the new illustrations

  • Sarahjane

    This guy has so much talent! His sketches are amazing

  • Sam Bresnahan

    So talented to do so many different styles with the same edge. They look amazing

  • GlamourGlitterGloss

    What amazing sketches, what a talented guy! And so lovely that he does the pictures for you and expects nothing in return, how nice

  • I wish I was a good drawer. These sketches are brilliant!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    These drawings are amazing! I had something like this done last year and sadly the results were nowhere near as good.

  • These drawings are amazing. Every single one of them are realistic.

  • Pauliina Hjelm

    Amazing artwork and amazing you! Just speechless… Love your creativity and confidence, you’re such an inspiration! XXx Pauliina

  • oh wow, those are all so amazing! They’ve really captured your light. Totally going to follow them 🙂