A taste of Twinwood day 2

Well after such an amazing first day we all woke up slightly tired and some  little hungover (not me!)

What better start to the day than a visit to the breakfast wagon for sausage and egg baps? I can confirm that it was pretty damn good and I happily ate every single bite!

Unfortunately I wasn’t attending Twinwood on the Sunday as I had a family function down in Gatwick – Auntie Patsy and Uncle Steve’s 40th wedding anniversary.


I had decided to wear my Pin Up Girl Pele dress with it’s matching bespoke hat. Well, if you can’t dress up for a family party, when can you?

Grandma and Little Chick had been on holiday in France and w hadn’t seen them for over two weeks and had originally told them that Baby Bear wouldn’t be able to make it. However plans had changed and she was driving dad down in her little mini, and I was going to meet them there in the family car, ready to bring Grandma and Little Chick back.

Normally the drive takes two hours but I was already part way there so was aiming for 1hr45. But I was totally out of luck. 3.5hrs later I finally arrived along with Baby Bear.

Dad and I went in first making out we had travelled down together. 10 minutes later Baby Bear appeared…. well there were a few tears shed, I can tell you!

The party was fantastic, catching up with old friends and new. A huge hot and cold buffet was on offer and I certainly had a little of nearly everything!

Sadly, all too soon it was time to leave as the roads weren’t looking too promising. We made our goodbyes and set off for Twinwood where I would be joining the others for the evenings entertainment.

Thankfully the return journey only took 2.5hrs and we arrived at Outfields Farm where I performed a miraculous quick change into my Pin Up Girl clothing Purple Monica dress, purple ballet flats and a bit of vintage bling around my neck.


Catching up with the lovely Beverley and Steph at the Control Tower stage, where Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra were playing. We had a bit of a dance before heading  down to The Casablanca Club where Belly Dancing and Lola & Her Blue Light Boys were due to start.

Unfortunately The Casablanca Club is a small venue and it was packed to the rafters. I could feel my makeup sliding off my face, it was that hot in there.


Deciding to move along to the Colonial Club, I was so happy to find that Dusty Limits was again the compere and Champagne Charlie was doing another turn; we settled in watch him.


After that, The band of the evening was the Alex Mendham Orchestra, who were pretty top notch. A few drinks were consumed, along with a bit of a social foxtrot from Steph and Beverley before deciding to move on.


Trying something different we decided to move along to Le Monde Electrique where they held electro-swing dances. This was in among the trees, which were full of huge paper lanterns. Very pretty but we decided the music really wasn’t our cup of tea. However The Carnaby Club was.

Every kind of 60’s music was played, from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder. It was a little surreal to see gentlemen in their 30’s style clothing bopping to Motown. We passed a happy couple of hours dancing the night away.

We left the club just as the minibus was due to arrive,  with just enough time to grab a burger as a midnight snack. I was quite sad that I was unable to see Tom Carradine’s cockney sing a long which started around midnight – But I would have had no way to get back to the campsite! Sad times.

We got back to the tent and it was time to put the PJs on and crawl into bed, tired but very happy! Firstly I took my poodle hairdo out…..


It was the last day tomorrow and more fun and frolics were on the cards.

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