Marvellous Mid Century Market

After a busy night at Wembley watching Billy Joel, I got up early to try and sort my wet set out. The fact that this was only the second time I had ever tried it should have indicated to me that it was not a good idea. But I went with it anyway.

Taking the first soft roller out I was dismayed to find that my hair was still damp. This meant I had straggly hair. I quickly put the roller back in and spent 10 minutes blasting my hair with the hairdryer to see if it would help.

Alas, when I took them out, half were dry and perfect. The other half straggly and lifeless. Knowing I didn’t have any time to mess around with it, I took hold of my Denman brush and tried to tame it into submission.

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Pin Up Girl Malibu Tiki Dress

Putting on my trusty Pin Up Girl Malibu Tiki Dress in Red/Orange, my orange ballet pumps and hair flower by Pin Up Curl, I felt good…apart for my hair!

Why was I so desperate to look my best? Well I had persuaded the hubby to accompany me to “The Mid Century Market” in Camden that morning.

london, pin up girl, mid century market, roadtrip

Fuzz Attack

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, It is a vintage lovers paradise that is held four times a year at Cecil Sharp House in Camden.

Charging only £3.00 entry fee, there are stalls there selling everything a vintage girls heart could desire!

london, roadtrip, mid century market, camden, weekend, bettina scarlett

Mid Century Market

We arrived a few minutes early and paid our entry fee and went down to the little café where we had the most delicious homemade sausage roll and a cold drink.

Then I hit the stalls. There was so much to see; hats, clothing, hair accessories, bags and more. I was instantly drawn to a stall that had the cutest wicker bag on it. I really did like it, but decided to wait and walk round first in case I saw something I wanted more!

london, roadtrip, mid century market, camden, weekend, bettina scarlett

VIntage Wickier Bag

Moving along to the next stall, there was a stunning lady selling clothing of a slightly bigger size. I fell in love with several of her dresses but alas they were all too small for me. We had an amazing chat about plus size vintage and how there was such a market out there for it. We put the world to rights with our opinions and I thanked her graciously for chatting and headed to the next stall.

There in front of me was the bag of my dreams. It was a Lucite bag, but instead of your normal clear or white ones, this was a bright sparkling red!

london, roadtrip, mid century market, camden, weekend, bettina scarlett

Lux DeVille Lucite Handbag

The seller told me it was a reproduction bag by Lux DeVille, and she was asking £35 for it. Well, it was cheap at half the price and I decided that was the item for me. Also on her stall she had some amazing hair flowers, one being a red and black rose large corsage.

london, midcenturymarket, vintagestyle, hairflowers

Floral hair corsage

Now, I had brought my Pin Up Girl Ava dress with me, but I had no hair flowers; well it was just fate, wasn’t it? £12-00 later and it too was in my bag.


I have since looked online for these bags as I know they come in different colours. On ebay they are selling for $170!!! Gobsmacked.

Going upstairs where the majority of stalls were, I noticed a lady with her hair salon, making people’s hair look stunning! She could be the answer to all my prayers. Firstly thought, the shopping called.

Having a wander through I came upon the Loveurlook stall. Now a recent befriending of someone at Twinwood had lead me to see their Atomic dress and I was very impressed. Saying good morning to the beautiful lady running the stall she immediately recognised me.

london, roadtrip, mid century market, camden, weekend, bettina scarlett, loveURlook,

Ronke from LoveURlook

A couple of months ago I had been to a Pop-Up Pin-Up shop in Brick Lane (Read post here) and I had met her there. It was just my memory that was rubbish. I remember her dresses clearly though!

I stood talking to the lovely Ronke for around 20 minutes, discussing clothing, plus size demand and how the money is out there, but the sizes aren’t. It was an amazing chat and I came away feeling excited and also encouraged. She was a real ray of inspiration.

Moving on I headed for the hair boutique. There I met the lovely Verity of “The Vanity Box” and I pleaded with her to rescue me from my hair disaster. Asking me whether I wanted just a style or a cut, I was very tempted to chop the whole lot off!  It was roasting hot and already I was becoming overheated.

london, roadtrip, mid century market, camden, weekend, bettina scarlett, vanitybox,

Verity of The Vanity Box

I decided to be sensible and just get the style and Verity suggested an up-do to keep me cooler. This would also be very beneficial as I was going to the “Radio2 Festival in a Day” at Hyde Park straight after the market.

She managed to pull off the most miraculous rescue, with a cute little poodle up-do with a curled fringe. I felt like a totally different woman.


Perfect Poodle

Whilst having my hair done, hubby went for a wander and came back with a red Chinese parasol as a gift for me. Little did I know how much I would need it that afternoon!

I also had a chat with Tricia from Hotties Vintage and had an amazing chat about plus size vintage fashion and the rising demand for it. She was really interesting to speak to as she wanted to get real opinions and demand, something I keep “banging” on about in my posts and when talking to retailers and clothing companies. Hopefully I will get to chat with her some more about the subject in the future!

Making the final rounds of the venue I managed to go back for  the cute wicker bag with the little floral arrangement on it. It was a bargain at only £18 so I snapped it up too.


Verity hit the spot

Finally we made our goodbyes and left the Market. I was a very happy and satisfied girl…. two handbags, a parasol, a hair flower and best of all, Perfect hair!!!


Poodle and Parasol

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  • Ah, I’ve done the whole damp hair not drying thing so many times. It’s the perils of having thick hair. The poodle do looks great though!

    C xx


    You look fabulous. Great finds at the market.

  • everinmay

    you look so so beautiful! I didn’t know this existed but wow it looks amazing and those bags!!!! xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    You look fabulous, the outfit is just amazing and the bag is just divine x

  • How did I not know about this, it looks amazing x

    • It is fab! It is held once every 3-4 months. I am hoping to go to the next one! X

  • Kathryn

    Your hair, makeup and outfit is just stunning! And so many amazing garments, what a wonderful day you must have had xx

  • She did such a great job with your hair it looks lovely, and great deals on the bags x

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    What an amazing day, been wanting to go forever, and as a London resident I don’t have an excuse for having done so! Loving the Lucite bag. And your hair is getting so long!

    • You would love it honey! The next one is in December I think?!?! I wish it would grow quicker – especially my fringe! XX

  • Sounds like you had a great time. The hand bags look very stylish. Love them.

    • The handbags were my favourite and there were so many more there that I could have bought too! x

  • Look a lot of fun and I love the photos. Love the hair – wish I can do something like that with mine. xx

    • I need to learn how to do it, as I loved the whole look! I will get there one day 🙂 xx

  • WonderfullyBookish

    That looks like such a great day – I love markets! Your new hairstyle looked fab 🙂

  • You always go to the coolest things! Love your outfit as always

    • I am having a ball on my adventures! The outfit is my absolute favourite at the moment xx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    Sounds like you had a good time! And looking great as always. X

  • Jenni Grainger

    I would love to see Billy Joel. This market looks fab x

  • You look great! I really love your individual fun style 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan of mid century modern furniture but haven’t ventured into the fashion side of it! It looks like you had a great day.

    • I really did Amelia – never thought about furniture! I need to check that out xx

  • Anthea

    Oh I love both those bags and you look stunning especially with the wonderful hair at thinned. Radio 2 was ace wasn’t it?!

  • bethany naismith

    You pull off the vintage look so well! Loving your dress 🙂

  • This is right up my street! I would love this! All things vintage are perfect to me, definitely looking into this so I go to the next one

  • The market looks like it was full of some great, unique items. Your hair looks good to me too 😉

    • Tanya Brannan

      It really was Laura!! I had such a good time there xx

  • Georgina

    I love your outfit!!