Ewa does the Unimaginable.

Regular readers of my blog will know of my love affair with Ewa Michalak bras after a visit to Poland last November which resulted in an impromptu photo shoot (read more here, here and here)

I finally managed to get a set of bras that fit me. That supported and cupped me without cutting me in half. That were also pretty and had matching knickers. I literally was in heaven!

And then the unthinkable happened.  This spring Ewa started production on a bikini!

Of course, I have never had a bikini that fit me either. It’s always been saggy swimsuits with not enough support, straps that dig into the shoulders, or a halter neck that holds all the weight of your chest, causing agony.

Could I possibly be lucky enough to get a bikini top that would fit me like a bra?

Of course, I emailed Ewa straight away asking if they had my size. They explained that at that point they were only manufacturing the S style of bra.

Given that I have to wear the FB style (fuller bust) this bikini just wouldn’t be suitable for me.

Foiled at the final hurdle!

Fast forward a couple of months and I was so pleased to receive a lovely email from Kaska in Ewa’s office. She went on to say that Ewa wanted to make a bikini in my size to test out, if I was agreeable.

Agreeable?!? I was over the moon!

So, they told me they would start working on it and send it out once made.

I got in from work the other day to a package from Poland. Well, it could only be one thing!

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Blogger Mail

Hastily I ripped it open and was stunned by the beautiful vibrant colour of the items inside. A hot pink bikini with black edging, straps and buttons. Just divine.

Taking the bikini out of the packaging, I was not surprised at all to see the sheer quality of the garment. Beautifully lined inside, tiny little black button embellishments and removable harness straps, again in black. The back is done up with a 3 hook section, but has a little pink material tie to hide the hooks; just perfect!

Trying the bikini bottoms on first, I was just thrilled. Beautifully high waisted, and in a tight swimsuit material, it clung to me but smoothed out a lot of my lumps and bumps. It hid the area that I am most self conscious about, whilst giving me a curvy shape. The black decoration is angled on the bikini bottom and I felt that it gave quite a slimming shape.

Moving onto the bikini top, it really is an amazing feat of bra engineering. Full cups contain all the breast tissue, even the latent tissue to the side of the body, and the removable harness take away some of the weight of the breasts by holding the cups up in a different way.

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up, bikini, underwired

Test Run

The back as mentioned has the pretty little tie section, and is very secure. The wide shoulder straps are adjustable, exactly the same as a bra does. The wires of the bra are perfectly situated, and do not come up too far, so no digging into the armpit.

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up, bikini, underwired

Rear View

The FB cup is designed for the fuller bust and has more panels in than a normal style of bra. This means there is more room in general for the cups, as with Ewa Bra’s the back section is a little tighter than on a regular UK bra.

I have so much praise for this bikini, and I can’t wait to wear it on holiday. I have matching flipflops and I just need to get a cover-up and I will be ready.

I genuinely cannot thank Ewa and her team enough for this bikini. I literally cried real tears once I tried it on and it actually fitted me. I have never had the chance to wear something like this before and it will be getting a LOT of usage.

I decided to premier it during a visit to Budapest where I had gone for a five day break with my Blogger Babe, Boo. Now, Budapest is very well known for its thermal spa’s and we were staying in a beautiful art deco hotel that used to be a Spa.

The Hotel Continental is in the centre of Budapest and boasts an indoor pool as well as an outdoor rooftop pool and garden. A perfect location to test out my bikini and also get some lovely photographs for my review.

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up, bikini, underwired

Hotel Continental Budapest

My first swim in the outdoor pool was just sublime. I felt so confident in my new bikini. The fit was just perfect and I knew I had total support and wouldn’t have to worry about items popping out of places they shouldn’t do!

The pool area was the perfect place for photo’s and I got Boo to play David Bailey for me as I posed and pouted. Eventually the water called to me too much and I needed to get  in it.

A couple of days later Boo and I visited the Széchenyi Thermal baths, situated at the end of  Andrássy út (Andrassy Avenue). I was blown away by the building to start with. You literally would never believe there is a spa complex inside the stately edifice. It is a massive complex, with three outdoor pools and fifteen indoor pools. There are also ten saunas and steam chambers inside the building. The indoor pools are all different, with various medicinal benefits felt from the combination of chemicals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and sulphur. Literally something for everyone.

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up, bikini, underwired


I duly got changed in my private cabin and ventured outside. Whilst the air was a initially a little chilly, I knew the pools went up to 38 degrees, so I wasn’t likely to catch pneumonia.

The first pool we tried had a  “lazy river” However it was so fast flowing, there was nothing lazy about. This would surely put the bikini to the test! In I got, and shot round at quite a pace. Several rotations of it, and I fought my way out. The bikini was intact, all important bits covered! No movement whatsoever. RESULT.

Stupidly I had left the little black strap embellishments at home, so was unable to show it both ways. They would have also added some extra support, however the straps and wires do a great job even on their own.

Lying down in a swimsuit has always been something of an issue. Without wires, my boobs tend to slide under my armpits which can be quite uncomfortable, so again this would be another test. Of course, the Ewa bikini passed with flying colours. The wires kept my breasts exactly where they should be, facing forward.

We spent the whole afternoon at the spa, trying out all the different pools, swimming, floating and sunbathing. My bikini took it all, and looked as bright and pink as when it came out of the bag.

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up

Whittlebury Hall Spa

After my success in Budapest, I went to a Spa in the UK with my Mum, where I again wore my Ewa Set (with the added black support straps)

ewa michalak, bikini, lingerie, poland, budapest, hungary, thermal spa, st tropez, plus size, plus size pin up

Bikini and Bubbles

I wore the bikini for the whole day and was comfortable and supported. I didn’t feel as if I was actually wearing a bikini, more like my normal bra as it really is that supportive.

This bikini literally is ground-breaking for me. The ability to have a wired supportive bra is beyond amazing and I have never felt so good in swimwear as what I do in this. If you are someone who struggles to get swimwear to fit, you won’t go far wrong with this set!

Ewa currently has stock of the S style bikini, however the FB style I am wearing is in the prototype stage.

*****Whilst these items have been gifted to me, all opinions  are purely my own*****

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  • Cassandra Mayers

    The colour is brilliant isn’t it! Glad you got a great opportunity to test it out 🙂

    • Tanya Brannan

      Me too! I am so lucky xx

  • Clifford Guthrie

    Thank you for the cool pics

    • Tanya Brannan

      You are welcome Clifford x

  • I love the colour of this bikini and what an amazing opportunity to be able to try one while they’re still in development stage x

    • Tanya Brannan

      I know! I am so lucky, and I hope they make them in more colours so I can buy more!! xx

  • The colour is amazing! You look fantastic in it too. Glad to hear that it was supportive too! xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      It truly was! xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    The colour, style and design are just amazing and it fits you amazingly well, what an incredible opportunity x

    • Tanya Brannan

      I know! I am a very lucky girl xx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    You look fabulous and I love the colour of it x

    • Tanya Brannan

      Thank you so much Hannah xx

  • Jessica Dearnley

    That bikini is a wonderful colour and really suits you. It’s great that you can find a bikini that is really supportive – I really struggled when I had a bigger chest.

    • Tanya Brannan

      This is as supportive as any of my bras. It really is amazing xx

  • Katt Martin

    The bikini looks amazing and you too!!!

    • Tanya Brannan

      Awww thank you sweetheart xx

  • I love the colour. Looks very supportive. Good you found a right bikini.

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is an amazing bikini xx

  • Ashleigh Day

    You look brilliant. Well done you. More confidence than i will ever have xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      It took many many years (28 approx) to get to this point. Now I am too old to care 🙂 xx

  • Kathryn

    That colour looks fab on you and the bow at the back is so cute xx

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is all the little extra’s that make her products so wonderful xx

  • It’s so nice that they offered to make one for you in your style, looks lovely x

    • Tanya Brannan

      It was a dream come true Rhian xx

  • Everytime I read about Ewa’s bra designs I realise more and more that she is an actual bra genius! I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly comfortable bra, but one day!

    • Tanya Brannan

      She really truly is! I don’t know what I would do without her x

  • looking confident girl! love the colour and the harness

    • Tanya Brannan

      Isn’t it nice to have something slightly different? And the harness gives extra support too! x

  • you look great – sounds like a fantastic company!

    • Tanya Brannan

      It truly is Milli xx

  • This is a great bikini! I love your pictures the location is devine.

    • Tanya Brannan

      The bikini and the spa were both amazing! xx

  • BixxBoxx

    That bikini is something special isn’t it?! You look amazing (as always) and the fact it’s comfortable too – well, it has it all doesn’t it?! I have tried a couple of Ewa bras but I think I ordered the wrong size. I really need to try again because their bras are just gorgeous! And now I want to try their bikini too!😊

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is just bloody fab honey! I don’t know what I would do without her bras xx

  • I really like this suit on you. I can totally relate with looking for a good, supportive swim top that won’t expose you when you come up from a dip in the pool.

    • Tanya Brannan

      It is so difficult to get them that supportive, so I was over the moon with this one! xx

  • Amy

    These types of bikinis are so fashionable at the moment but I had no idea where to look for one. Thanks for writing this up!

    • Tanya Brannan

      You are so very welcome Amy xx

  • Laurie

    WOW that bikini looks divine on you! Or should I say, you look divine in that bikini? I think I mean it both ways. 🙂 The thermal baths look very interesting! I’m glad that the bikini not only looked great, but held up to real life pool action!

    • Thank you so much honey, it is a fabulous bikini and I love wearing it! X