Merry Christmas All over the World

This will probably be one the shortest blog posts that I have ever written!

I just wanted to say to each and every one of my readers from Guernsey to Ghana, French Polynesia to Finland, Kyrgyzstan to Kuwait and England to Ecuador a very Merry Christmas.

We may be thousands of miles apart. We may have different interests. We may have different beliefs. We may not follow the same Gods, Indeed you may not celebrate the Christmas Season at all. However the one thing we have in common is this little blog of mine.

At some point in the last year you have taken the time to come and read my blog. My little ramblings and adventures, and for that I am truly truly thankful.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and hope that you will get more enjoyment out of my upcoming adventures.

My wish this Christmas is for a safe, healthy and peaceful Christmas to everyone of you, whether you share the same festivities as I or not, my love and best wishes are winging their way across to you all.

Thank you for an amazing year, and I look forward to the next one!
T x

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