Christmas Catastrophe

Christmas this year was a strange affair in our household. For the first time in around 15 years I was actually working right up until 6 o’clock on Christmas Eve. Surprisingly it was actually very busy at work when it is usually notoriously slow on that particular day.

When I got home all the family were already there and it was time for me to throw off my uniform and start to relax. Mum had arranged the evening meal and we were all looking forward to a lovely joint of Gammon.

This was when the first disaster struck.

Going to the oven to check on the roast potatoes we realised the oven was not working. It was stone cold and so were the vegetables.


Now we are nothing if not resourceful. Out came the pans, things were transferred to the hob and in the steamer and we were good to go.

It was only a small setback after all. After a relaxing glass of wine, even I was able to see the funny side of things. The one thing we had on our side was that we don’t have our main Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day. We actually have ours on Boxing Day.

This meant that there was no pressure or worry  due to the fact we didn’t have a working oven. I took my turkey over to my Mum’s house on Christmas Day afternoon and she cooked it for us and I collected it on Boxing Day morning.


The vegetables that we had planned needed to have their cooking methods altered. Instead of goose fat roast potatoes, we diced them up and tossed them in melted butter and garlic. Parmentier Potatoes – done.

The rest of our vegetables were either steamed or boiled. The whole meal was as tasty as ever and there were no complaints.

The only thing missing was that we did not have a variety of stuffing as we normally would. But it was not the end of the World. As they say, there are far worse things that happen at sea.

For many people, a broken cooker could have caused a total meltdown. We are lucky in the fact that we do not have our Christmas Day Dinner on the 25th. We sat with snacks and buffet party food and played board games all afternoon. It was a lovely time and very stress free.

There seems to be so much pressure on people to provide a luxury banquet that they have slaved over all day. I am the first to admit that I usually eat far more than I need or want, and end up with an uncomfortable feeling for the rest of the day, rather like the proverbial stuffed turkey.

This year due to the complications and being able to cook mounds of food, that didn’t happen and I can honestly say I felt so much better for it. In fact I think it is the way ahead!

Since then there has been a serious of catastrophes mainly injury or illness, which means the festive season has been a little unsettled and disconnected. Going back to work for most of this week means I have missed out on the lazing around relaxing during that strange in-between period between Christmas and New Year.

However it also means that I have cherished the time that I have had with my family. Chatting until the late hours with Little Chick who is home from University; painting Baby Bears nails; arguing over the television remote control; playing board games for hours on end.

These little things are sometimes taken for granted. We rush around cooking, cleaning and organising. We spread ourselves very thinly.


This Christmas we put our mobile phones to one side. The television hardly turned on. We enjoyed being in one another’s company and these are memories that will stay with us for years to come.

Being a blogger, my family is amazingly supportive of the time I spend writing, promoting posts and being online. I can easily spend several hours in a frenzy of writing. But I have hardly written over this festive period. Literally I have been unable to even think of writing.

Whilst around 80% of me has missed it intently, the other 20% has been very glad of the break. The benefits I have reaped from relaxing and being offline have been numerous. I think that it has been such an incredibly busy and successful year, that I just needed to have a little break.

And spending that with the family I love has been wonderful…

As a New Year starts I would like to wish you and yours the best wishes for 2017. I hope your New Year is successful, healthy, happy and above all loved. Thank you for your support during this past year, I hope to see you still reading me in the coming months.

Love T xx

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  • Oh no, what a shame about the cooker! At least you still had a wonderful dinner. I think I would’ve had a meltdown! Happy New Year

    • There was nothing else we could do about it, so we made do with what we had 🙂 xx

  • Joanna

    Oh no shame about ur cooker but at least u still got to have a lovely meal. Happy new year.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Glad to see the turkey turned out ok. I cooked mine on xmas day. It only took 2.5 hours toocook. Got put in the oven at 9 so was ready by lunchtime x

  • Shannon Bryson

    How lucky indeed that you don’t have the big dinner on Christmas! Still your Christmas day itself sounds like it was perfect!

    • It was pretty chilled out and we had a lot of fun with the board games 🙂 x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    OMG what timing. It was lucky you don’t do your main dinner until Boxing day. I’m the same I spend hours writing so it’s nice to have this time to actually spending with family and not in front of a computer.

    • It was a wonderful relaxed day, and I really needed it! x

  • Whitney Harries

    I’m glad that you had a stress free Christmas Day and that you enjoyed your Christmas regardless of the oven crisis! I hope you have a lovely 2017 x

  • Oh dear I am sure most people would have panicked if the cooker went but glad you guys are resourceful.

  • Laura

    Good on you for keeping your cool and being able to be dynamic and save christmas dinner! xxx

    • It was the rest of the family that saved it really. We still had a lovely meal though xx

  • Well done for not getting stressed by the oven! I would have been running about like a headless chicken. I agree on the mini blogging break – I got everything done well in advance so I could spend a few days with minimal phone/laptop input and it was great!

    C xx

    • Wasn’t it just! I need to do it more often I think xx

  • Well done on not getting stressed over the oven – I know I would have had a meltdown! x

    • There was nothing I could do, so we had to laugh it off really x

  • Kira L Curtis

    Ah that’s an absolute nightmare on christmas day! Typical isn’t it?! Well, I’m glad it didn’t ruin the day for you and you still got your dinner! Have a wonderful new year!

    • It didn’t ruin it, but it wasn’t quite as good as previous years! Happy New Year honey xx

  • Whilst a disaster, you held it together and didn’t let stress ruin the day! A few years ago my brother’s car broke down on the way to my parent’s house. I was the only sober person at my parent’s. I learnt how to tow that day thanks to the jeep I had been put on the insurance for once to go offroading haha. The T reg truck saved the day! (as well as my teetotalism)

    • Hahaha! Fantastic story honey! Made me chuckle xx

  • I wrote only once during the festive period and it felt good. Happy new year.

  • oh dear, well glad you got to have Christmas dinner even if it was on boxing day. I love your handbag, so different xx

    • Isn’t it just! I had some lovely gifts, hope you did too x

  • Oh no! You survived in the end!! Happy new year!

  • Glad you managed to work around the cooker breaking! Two years ago, I bought some roast thing for Xmas day but silly me didn’t get it out to defrost the day before. So we ended up having chips and fishfingers on Xmas day, whoops! Hope you have a wonderful break over Xmas and all the best for the new year.

    • Haha! I am sure lots of people have done the exact same thing! I didn’t take my daughters lobster out of the freezer so she didn’t get it on Boxing Day – ooops xx