Where in the World?

For the long term readers of my blog, you may recall a few City breaks I have been on  with my blogger babe Boo Brown from “does my blog make me look fat?

November 2015 we went to Warsaw for a few days, then in September 2016 it was Budapest. Finally n December 2016 we hit Prague. Most of our trips last 3-5 days and we love to see the sights and take part in activities in the Cities we visit.

Now it is 2017 and it is time to look for new adventures.

So I thought I would look at a wishlist of City breaks I would love to do, in turn maybe giving us some ideas of where to venture to next.

Top of my list is Berlin.

I have never been to Germany and as it has called to me for many years. I learnt German in senior school, passing my GCSE and then in my first job I worked in a department that took calls from all over the World. I used to answer the German calls and had lessons in my lunch breaks. Sadly, 25 years later I have forgotten nearly every word. But the City still intrigues me.

I would love to visit  The Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag and the Neues Museum. Having a huge interest in Egyptology, I would love to see the Nefertiti bust there.

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The Brandenburg Gate

There are many places with ties to the Second World War which I would like to see, to learn more about the actual events. This would round out some of the knowledge we have learnt by visiting Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic which had atrocities during this time.

Secondly, Split or Dubrovnik.

Now, I was supposed to visit both of these places back in 1985/86 as part of a school cruise around the Mediterranean. However during those years, the economy became very unstable and issues and conflicts started breaking out. This eventually lead to the Balkan conflict and the Country was split into several new ones. The cruise company decided it was to dangerous to take a boat full of schoolchildren to this area and re-routed the journey.

Sadly this meant we missed out on what is a stunning part of the World. The Dalmatian coast, which is where Split and Dubrovnik are located, in what is now Croatia.

Berlin, Moscow, Split, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Vienna, blogger-travels, road-trip, city-breaks, European-city-breaks, World-traveller, Europe, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Germany

The Dalmatian coast

The scenery of these two places look stunning. Medieval buildings, 16th Century City walls and museums galore. The cable car above Dubrovnik looks wonderful, and the idea of walking around these ancient Cities really excites me.

Next on my list is Vienna.

This was one place we considered for the Christmas Market instead of Prague. It is just such a beautiful City that I have had it on my to do list for quite a long time. Schönbrunn Palace looks wonderful and in the summer would be an amazing place to wander around in the gardens there.

The Imperial Butterfly House looks like such an interesting place to go. I visited a butterfly house years ago and just loved watching the different specimens flying around.

Berlin, Moscow, Split, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Vienna, blogger-travels, road-trip, city-breaks, European-city-breaks, World-traveller, Europe, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Germany

Wonderful Vienna

Vienna has a wonderful history of music and composers who lived and worked there including Beethoven, Strauss and Mozart.  Having such a love for classical music, I really want to hear it being performed in a stately building for which Vienna has so many to choose from.

Fourth on the list is Moscow.

For years I have been fascinated by the beautiful construction of St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. The colours, the Onion domes and the patterns just need to be seen to be appreciated. The Kremlin is another building that needs to be visited once in my life. I absolutely love unusual architecture and design, and Moscow is full of it.

Berlin, Moscow, Split, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Vienna, blogger-travels, road-trip, city-breaks, European-city-breaks, World-traveller, Europe, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Germany

St Basil’s Cathedral

An evening spent watching the Bolshoi Ballet is my idea of heaven (not sure about Boo) and to watch it in it’s home would be a thrilling experience.

Again there are museums galore, which I could happily spend hours walking around. My favourite choice to see would be the Diamond Fund, which is a small museum full of diamonds, precious stones and metals. What a sparkling place to visit!

My last choice is Istanbul.

This is a bittersweet choice for me. I visited her in 1985 and it was the most wonderful City I have ever set foot in. The smells, colours, sights and sounds just spoke to me. Two days spent wandering the souks and bazaars before hitting the museums and religious buildings filled my soul with delight.

I can still remember walking into the Hagia Sophia and seeing it’s soaring domed ceilings and mosiacs. I had never seen a building quite so beautiful in my life. And then I went to the Topkapi Palace.

Berlin, Moscow, Split, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Vienna, blogger-travels, road-trip, city-breaks, European-city-breaks, World-traveller, Europe, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Germany

inspiring Istanbul

Topkapi is now a museum and boasts collections of everything from Japanese Porcelain to Huge diamonds.

Out of all the places in the World I have been, Istanbul has always been the one place I wanted to return to. Sadly at the moment, due to the current economic and political climate, it is not really somewhere I would want to travel without a tour company/guide.

As this defeats the object of travelling around on our own, it doesn’t seem likely to be chosen as a destination for us.

But I will get back there one day!

What do you think to my little list? Would you choose any of these destinations? Where would be on your list?

Till next time,

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  • Your entire list is fantastic, I would love to see all of these cities. I didn’t realize that Istanbul was so beautiful, but I too would be fearful to travel there in the current climate. I would love to see all of the unusual architecture in Moscow and hearing classical music in Vienna would be heavenly. Any of these cities would be great choice for your next trip.

    • It is a stunningly beautiful City which is why I am gutted it is a No-Go area at the moment, really x

  • Joanna

    Your list is fab I’d definitely love to visit some of these places myself.

  • I have a huge interest in Egyptology as well, so the Neus museum would be on top of my list as well. I always thought that Nefertiti was such a compelling character and so independent too x

  • i’ve only been to berlin on your list and i highly recommend it! i love the history and need to go again. i was there for 3 days and it wasn’t enough

    • Oooh that is good to know! I need to plan for 5 days plus then xx

  • Jodie Whitham

    I’d love to go to Berlin. Been to munich and st goar’s which was nice, but love to go to Berlin! I never learnt German but learnt french at school. I thought i had forgotten it, but was surprised i could read and understand a lot of signs without asking for clarification and was just a bit slower to pick up bits. I’m also curious about Moscow x

    • I will get to Germany at some point. Hopefully in the next couple of years x

  • I think I’d happily visit most of these places, but Vienna for me would have to be the top of the list purely from an art and music perspective. I’d love to visit the music halls and be swept away by all of the arts and culture. 🙂 xx

  • Berlin is such a beautiful city and I want to go back to all the rest. I want to go to Dubrovnik as there are Game of Thrones tours so I am hoping to go here over the summer. I’m doing Rome and Venice in September and I want to go to Prague and Cologne too. So many places x

    • Ooooh Game of Thrones!!! Prague was lovely, but Budapest was much better in my opinion x

  • Hayley

    I would love to go to all of these places! I went to Germany for the first time last year, I went to Dusseldorf and Cologne twice and it’s such a nice country. Next on my list is Prague or Budapest but I won flights to Barcelona, so that will be the first place I go!

  • I went to Istanbul a few years ago and loved it – it’s such a gorgeous place x

    • I remember it vividly! I will get there at some point xx

  • Healthy & Psyched

    That’s such a good selection. I’ve never been to any of those! My parents went to Moscow last year and said it was good- the architecture looks amazing.

    • It does! Hence why I really want to visit Moscow xx

  • I had a pleasure to visit Instambul as a child but I would go there again in a heart bit, it’s such a beautiful and colourful city!

  • I love that you and your blogger friend take such awesome trips! I’m looking to take a few trips with my blogging Bestie this year!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I’m going to Dubrovnik in April this year, it looks great

    • Oooh I will have to see what you thought to it after you return xx

  • Your must-visit places are also part of my bucket-list! Planning to visit Moscow during Christmas season. I’d love to visit Istanbul too but keeping it pending due to some not so good news.

    • It would be amazing to go there at Christmas!! xx

  • Kira L Curtis

    My boyfriend went to Moscow a few years back and absolutely loved it, full of culture and beautiful buildings! I would love to go there myself!

  • Natasha Mairs

    sounds beautiful!! And that Christmas tree in the background on the first photo is just amazing!!!

    • That was in Prague at the Christmas Markets, Natasha xx

  • Great list! I also have an interest in World War 2 so Berlin is somewhere I would love to visit too!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    That’s a great list of places that you’d like to visit. I hope you get to visit them all as I would love to read about them. I don’t get to travel much with my 3 little ones so that will have to wait until they are older.

    • Exactly why I can travel now as my twins are nearly 21 🙂 xx

  • Melissa Wachman

    Really enjoyed reading your list. I don’t get to travel much these days, as I have 2 babies, but reading this entry really inspires me to travel… one day!

    • They grow up so quickly, hence why I am travelling now xx

  • fashion-mommy

    I really want to go to Florence, but currently have time in Wales organised for Easter and then Cyprus for July.