Magnificent Millinery

So, I have a very good friend Jane, who I was lucky enough to meet through a plus size clothing swap a couple of years ago.

We have been to events together, shared meals and had endless cups of tea together, and shared our woes.

A few months ago Jane was sadly diagnosed with Cancer. To pass the time of day she decided to teach herself Millinery. That’s hats to the uninitiated.

Now, If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I LOVE my hats! Literally I would wear one every day if I could. I even asked my bosses if I could have a hat for my job. Sadly the answer was no.

Anyway, Jane started learning how to make fascinators, hair flowers and hats. After several weeks she told me she had made a few and would love my opinion.

Now I had utter faith in Jane, however I was a little bit worried that if I didn’t like what she had made, it would show on my face.

I had arranged to go and visit her on a Sunday and we had a cuppa and a chat before she asked if I would like to see her creations. We wandered upstairs into her workroom……

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Purple Peacock

And I was BLOWN away!

Her room was full of gorgeous fascinators and hats. I literally could not believe she had created them all from scratch, with only books and YouTube to learn from.

I literally was like a kid in a sweet shop. Flitting from one creation to another, oohing and aahing at what she had come up with. Flowers, feathers, jewels and trimmings.

She explained to me that she had hand blocked the bases on wooden forms before stiffening them. She had lots of ideas she still wanted to try and also some new techniques that she wanted to master.

Well of course I couldn’t resist trying many of them on. She had even created a couple for me specifically. I was totally honoured.

Jane put so much love and attention to detail in each of her creations. The finish was outstanding, with the edges trimmed, the inside lined for comfort and every embellishment placed in the perfect location. I really couldn’t believe how beautiful they all were.

I told Jane that she really needed to put them on Etsy or another selling site as they were that good. Unfortunately up to yet I haven’t managed to convince her to do it.

However she did agree I could write this post showing off her work to you. Maybe if she gets a few likes on the post it will convince her to try and put them up for sale. Even just to recoup the cost of the supplies she is using up.

Anyway, since then I have managed to get her to sell me a hat and a couple of hair flowers. I have worn them all and have had so many compliments on them so she clearly is doing something right!

What do you think to her creations? Are they hats you would wear?

I would love to hear your feedback so I can pass it on to my treasured friend.

Oh and if you want to see more of her creations, check her out on Instagram 

Till next time


**** Update****

Since this post went live Jane has started posting her millinery on Ebay –

Cream Silk Pillbox

Pink Cherry Blossom

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  • Straight away there are at least half a dozen I absolutely love Tanya – definitely needs an Etsy shop or a FB page for sure

  • everinmay

    floral flippery is absolutely beautiful, what an amazing skill to learn and to do it whilst being so poorly- it is an inspiring story and she should definitely make a store to show off her beautiful talent! xx

    • I agree with you, her work is too good not to be seen x

  • I’m glad to see the update that Jane has started posting her millinery on Ebay! She is massively talented and her work is stunning. The Purple Peacock is my favorite x

    • That was one of her first creations, I love it too! To be honest, I want them all x

  • Healthy & Psyched

    Amazing. I love all of the floral ones, especially floral fippery and the blue rose one.

    • They are a couple of my favourites too! Well, I love them all if I am honest x

  • I can’t believe that she created and made all of these without proper training, they’re absolutely stunning x

  • Amazing headpieces and I love the floral ones. Very 1940s. xx

  • I struggle with hats. Other than a trilby, I feel I just don’t look right. But all of these are gorgeous and the ones you have on look amazing!

    C x

  • I’ve never worn a hat like these, but they’re adorable! I had no idea how much work goes into hatmaking.

    • It is a long complicated process but she makes it look so easy! x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Wow they do look amazing with such a large range of designs, she’s done a great job. I don’t know much about hats at all as I don’t wear them myself.

    • She really has. I am so proud of what she has created xx

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Wow, these hats are incredible, and really unique. Definitely something to wear to a summer wedding.

    • They are really beautiful and yes, perfect for a summer wedding

  • Oh wow those hats are just beautiful! The detail and colours are amazing x

  • shoshana sue

    Jane has great talent! Wowzers!! I am really amazed at how beautiful all these hats are. Nicely nude, and perfect phesant are some of my faves. She really needs to make money off this and I know she will beat the cancer!!

    • She really needs to get them out there so people can buy them and she can make even more! I will pass on your best wishes, honey xx

  • Baby Isabella

    Woweee! Your friend is super talented! Love the pheasant hat! We’d love to learn millinery! xx

    • The pheasant hat is my favourite too, I have to admit! x

  • Yay so glad she has started selling on Etsy her hats are amazing! I am sorry to hear she has cancer but how amazing that she is making hats xx

    • She is just fabulous at it! I can’t wait to see what else she creates xx

  • These headpieces look seriously amazing! I’ve never wore any sort of fascinator before and I think I should try it ;))

  • i love fascinators they’re so beautiful and i really love that purple one. Send my love to your friend!!! x

  • Decretive hats look incredible on you! I love all the shapes of the ones you own. I hope your collection keeps growing because you rock them so well!

    • My collection will keep growing as I can’t resist her wonderful creations! xx

  • Laura

    Oh wow these are absolutely perfect for the racing season. I love the intricate designs. The peacock is my fave xxx

    • Aren’t they just simply beautiful? She has a great talent xxx

  • These are stunning! I am not one for hats usually, but I would love to collect pieces like this. I am so happy to see that she set some up for sale on Ebay! I think this would be a perfect accessory to wear on a wedding day.

    • They really would be perfect for a wedding guest, I am in fact wearing one to a wedding soon! xx

  • Ayesha Farhad

    WOW these are amazing! My favourite has to me the perfect pheasant And it looks gorgeous on you too!

    • I love that one so much. I just need an outfit to match it so I can buy it! x

  • Hayley

    These are all gorgeous! I love a good head piece.

  • Jane Fiander

    To everyone who shared their comments on the wonderful piece Tanya has written about my fascinator journey… Thank you… I feel both humble and delighted that everyone has been so positive and kind ☺️. As for my cancer, I have recently had the great news that it’s gone into remission! I know the pleasure I get from making my fascinators and all the encouragement and kind words I’ve received from you all have been a huge part in my recovery. Again; thank you Tanya for being an amazing friend, and thank you all for your generous comments. I feel truly blessed ❤️