Looking forward to 50

I can see the friends and family who know me well, reading that title and going “Eh? What?”  as although I probably look a lot older, I will only actually be 43 in July.

So why am I looking forward to being 50?

It isn’t so much as the being 50, but achieving certain things before I reach 50.

A “Fifty things to do before I reach Fifty” kind of post.

Now, for you long term readers you will know that I only really hit my stride in both confidence and happiness in my own self at around the age of 39-40. For many years I hated my size, looks and suffered badly with depression.

Whilst my depression is an ongoing battle for which I take medication, I am looking ahead at getting myself off the tablets and managing my own health and well being.

So the purpose of this post? It is to list some of the things that I want to achieve before I hit the Big 5-0. Some of them may take several years to happen and this is why I am writing about my list now.

I actually started compiling this list on my Birthday in July last year, so I have managed to complete a couple, or am part way into a challenge.

They aren’t written in any kind of order, just a random numbering and my aim is to complete them all in the next seven years. I will hopefully be doing updates as I go along, ticking off the things I have achieved and if there are things that are totally impossible (for health or safety reasons) then I will have a re-think and substitute them.

So, here goes!

  1. Visit the Opera
  2. Go on a Girl’s Holiday
  3. Visit Sketch for Afternoon Tea
  4. Take a cocktail making class
  5. Abseil down a building
  6. Write a book
  7.  Take a ride in a vintage car – planned
  8. Learn German
  9. Publish an article in a Magazine        
  10. Ride the Arcelormittal Orbit slide at the Olympic Park – Planned
  11. Read ONE non-chicklit book a month
  12. Go on the Eurostar
  13. Get my lily tattoo covered up                    
  14. Enter Miss Twinwood
  15. Host a Macmillan Coffee morning
  16. Swim in an outdoor Lido in London
  17. Model for a Vintage company
  18. Blog from Disneyland Paris
  19. Hit 10K views a month on my blog
  20. Stop needing anti-depressants
  21. Go to an Alice in Wonderland party
  22. Go for a ride on a steam train
  23. Visit 10 foreign Countries in 8 years (So Far St Lucia, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Poland)
  24. Go to a concert at The Royal Albert Hall
  25. “Run” a 5K for charity
  26. Ride a segway
  27. Go to Ladies Day at Ascot
  28. Read Les Miserables
  29. Go to Oktoberfest
  30. Take up a night class
  31. Drink a cocktail at The Shard
  32. Cycle along the canals in Amsterdam
  33. Spend a day collecting money for The Poppy Appeal
  34. Go for a skiing lesson
  35. Go to a stand-up comedy show
  36. Be a passenger on a motorbike ride – Planned
  37. Swim one mile in one go
  38. Go for a girl’s spa day – Planned
  39. Play the piano in Public
  40. Go to a private members club for drinks
  41. Learn to make macarons
  42. Go up the Eiffel Tower
  43. Visit a burlesque/cabaret performance
  44. Hold a snake
  45. Ride a Zipwire
  46. Take a scuba diving lesson – Planned
  47. Spend some money at a casino
  48. Attend an outdoors theatre performance
  49. Take a picnic on a punt down the river in Cambridge or Oxford – planned
  50. Hold a 50th Birthday party

Now based on the fact that I am petrified of heights AND snakes, a couple of these will be really challenging. I don’t intend to back down from them unless there are reasons beyond my control and I am unable to do them. (for example if I am too heavy for an abseil harness)

Of course if I see something fabulous, or find a new desire to visit somewhere/something I may well swap some of these out for more exciting challenges.

Or I could always wait and do 60 before I am 60…..

Are there any things on here you love? Or are there things you think I should do instead? Let me know and I will consider them!

Till next time,


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  • Becky Brown

    I look forward to helping you achieve some of these!

  • Betty Pamper

    I absolutely love this post-I might borrow some of your list and add it to my own-perhaps we can go to Sketch together one afternoon xx

    • I would love to read you list honey, I bet it would be far more exciting than mine!! I’d also love a girls day out too 🙂 xx

  • What a great post, I have just turned 50 on Easter Sunday and just got back from a weeks celebration on holiday. I love your list some things I have done, others I would love to do. I hope you manage to tick the list off x

    • Oooh I would love to have a holiday for my 50th too! I may add that to my list xx

  • Oooo there are some real challenges here! Abseiling isn’t as terrifying as it seems because you are going backwards and can’t see the ground haha, good luck!

    • I have started to look into booking that one already, others I have started to organise too! It’s full steam ahead! xx

  • Alison Rost

    How wonderful .. your 50s list! I really hope you write a book .. you always so many fun things to say! And the macaroons .. do this one for sure. I have a Russian friend who taught me how .. they’re wonderful (but dangerous to have in the house)

    • Awww thank you so much Alison! I am wobbling a bit on the book at the moment as I don’t know what to write about!! xx

  • I love your list! I’d love to read your book. Good luck to ticking everything off!

    Chelsea | http://www.chelsea-Elizabeth.co.uk

    • Wow! Thank you Chelsea! I don’t know what to write about…that is the only problem! 🙂 xx

  • At 27 I’ve already done 16 of these. Good luck, you’ve 7 long years, I’m sure you’ll get them all done 🙂


    • Well done Charley! I would love to know which you have done! xx

  • ThatgirlSue

    Aha Awesome post! I need to get a list like this together myself :L you look fab by the way!

  • I love your list, you have a really great variety of things you wish to do before 50. I think you would be a brilliant model for a vintage clothing company. Visiting 10 foreign countries is such a great goal too.

  • Baby Isabella

    We went on our first steam train ride last week! You’d love The Watercress Line in Hampshire. Great list hunny!

    • oooh my family live in Hampshire so maybe I should give that one a go! xx

  • Thank you for being open about your depression and you are proof that age is just a number. My life started when I started blogging at the age of 22 and it helped me through so much. You have already ticked off so much on your list, would love to see you hit that magic 10 K but you should be getting way more because your blog is awesome xx

    • Awww thank you so much Ana. I have to admit that the 10K may be a struggle as I just don’t seem to be growing my readership 🙁 xx

  • There are loads of things on here I’d love to do, and quite a few that I have done which is cool. I think it’s great that you’re embracing the thought of turning 50 x

    • I know it’s a few years off, but I literally cannot wait!! xx

  • I did something similar before my 30th birthday last year and managed to achieve so many things I didn’t think I could! x

    • Isn’t it amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it?? xx

  • Angela Milnes

    What a great list and sounds like an Interesting read. Glad that you share this with us

  • Melanie Williams

    I am loving your list this is such a great idea – Afternoon Tea at Sketch is awesome and I want to go back lol 🙂 x

    • I have got that one booked in for June. Cannot wait!!! xx

  • Shannon Ritchie

    What a wonderful list! Going travelling is such a great thing to have on the list 🙂 x

    • I love to travel and cannot wait to do more of it! xx

  • I can’t believe you’re 43- I honestly didn’t think you were over 35! This is a great list of things to do by 50. Running a 5k for charity is on my list as well.

    • Wow! Thank you honey, what a compliment! I know the 5K will be one of the most difficult ones to do x

  • Jenna E Morley

    A great list, so many things ticked off already and I love that you end the list with your Birthday party!

    • I can’t wait to do them all and then celebrate with that party! xx

  • Laura

    What a fantastic bucket list! I would love to go for afternoon tea at Sketch! Theres so much I want to do before I’m 30 next year! xxx

    • Make a 30 before 30 list then honey! You can do it xx

  • I love your 50 list! So many good ones to choose from – I’m up for a cocktail drinking session on top of the Shard if you need company!

    • Oh That would be fabulous! A way to meet new people too xx

  • Donna

    I love this list! I am 42 so might be time to make one too! Gives me loads of time to get on with it ha! As a new skiier I highly recommend by the way!

    • Why not Donna? You have plenty of time, just like me! xx

  • You are going to be looking truly fabulous at 50 darling. My mother recently turnt 50 and she loves it. x

    • Thank you Lindsey. I plan to grow old disgracefully, having fun along the way! xx

  • I love posts like this! Let me tell you, riding a segway looks much easier than done haha!

    • I bet it is…hence why I want to give it a go. No doubt I will fall off!! xx

  • You are not almost 50! You look so much young! Keep rocking you babe!

    • Not quite yet, but getting there! Thank you darlin’ xx

  • Ayesha Farhad

    OMG! no way you look so young! not at all 43! Love your list! I want to go to an all girls vacation too! 🙁

  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    Lady you look amazing! I had no idea you were 43! And I love this idea – my housemate is doing something similar – it’s 30 things at 30 and she’s loving it!

    • Did you not? I am in July, anyway! Thank you for your love and compliments. We should try and do a couple of these as a group? Cocktails at the Shard with Lottie and others, maybe?? x