Colorista Catastrophe

If you read my blog often, you will notice that I get bored with my hair quite frequently. Black, Ginger, Mahogany, Strawberry Blonde and every colour in between has been on my head.

Fringe, Full Fringe, No Fringe; you name it I have had it. Given the job that I do, I have to be a little careful as I am not really allowed unnatural colours and usually bear this in mind.

Well a couple of months ago I was a little bored again and was due a week off on annual leave and saw a fab product from L’Oreal called Colorista which offered amazing bright vibrant semi permanent colours.

Indigo, Blue, Orange, Turquoise, Mint, Red, Lilac, Burgundy, Peach, Pink, Aqua and Purple.  Literally every colour of the rainbow.

I deliberated and picked up the Indigo and promptly misplaced it. Foiled again!

I went back to the shops, changed my mind and picked up the Turquoise one as I wasn’t on shift for 10 days and it advertised itself as a 1 – 2 week wash in/out colour.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

L’Oreal Colorista Washout in Turquoise


Or so I thought.

The product goes on really well and is easy to use. The effect when I took off the towel once washed out was amazing. It does warn on the bottle that if used on bleached hair it may take a little longer to wash out.

Baby Bear absolutely loved the effect and asked if I would get her one, so picked up the Indigo one (again) for her.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, indigo hair dye

L’Oreal Colorista Washout in Indigo

We put it on the bottom of her virgin undyed hair, which is a light/middle mousy blonde and left it to work.

We washed it off and she loved the effect. As her hair wasn’t too light, it came out a dark indigo with lighter shades, a bit like a petrol effect if you know what I mean.

Within 3 days it had changed to bright green. And I mean bright!

We set off with Head and Shoulders shampoo as that pretty much attacks any colour in your hair. We washed and washed and washed it.

No movement whatsoever.

After a week of this colour she was extremely unhappy. The shampoo just wasn’t working so we got a colour stripper to take the dye out.

We put it on and left it to develop. You can guess what happened, right?

Not a single speck of colour came out. It was still Jade Green.

Three weeks after putting it in natural mousy hair, she had no choice but to go the hairdressers where they bleached the green out, putting a light toner on it. It pretty much has removed the green, but if it catches the light right, you see a subtle green strand or two.

As for me, Well I put the turquoise one on my hair on Tuesday 06th June. I am writing this on Wednesday 19th July and it is still firmly in there, although it has faded somewhat.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

8th June 2017

I have had my roots bleached, a fringe cut in, and dyed the rest of my hair grey. And it is still there. I mean, you have to give it 5 stars for it’s staying power.

It is just a shame that it is advertised as 1 – 2 weeks of colour.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

23rd June 2017

Am I pleased with the colour and look of my hair? I can’t say I am unhappy with is, as I think it looks pretty funky. However, I am not so sure that work are overly chuffed.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

01st July 2017

Don’t get me wrong, if you want a vibrant colour that sticks like mental to your hair then Colorista is the product to go for.

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

12th July 2017

Since I used the product I have read reviews of the colour and this story is repeated over and over again. Perfect for a long term hair colourant.

Just don’t expect it to wash out easily OR quickly!

L'Oreal, Colorista, Wash in Dye, Semi Permanent, vibrant hair dye, turquoise hair dye

The blue is still in there – 20 July 2017

Watch this space for my next hair adventure!

Till then,


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  • Oh blimey! It’s a gorgeous colour and it suits you so well but it’s not exactly wash in wash out, is it? Eep. I’m dead envious so many hair colours suit you though. 🙂 xxx

    • Awww thank you darlin’! Not sure what colour to go next…. Not Colorista though lol xxxx

  • Omg we are total opposites – I haven’t even cut my hair in seven years. This would honestly be my worst nightmare – it looks fab on you, don’t get me wrong, but that level of staying power when you expect it to be a short term thing is very shocking! I hope work go easy on you, I can’t believe employers still care about things like that.

    • We are now several weeks and it is still there! Work have been fine so far, but we do have uniform standards to abide by including hair colour x

  • Mummy Times Two

    Ooo goodness certainly more than you bargained for! It does really suit you though x

  • Ahhh your hair looks amazing! I wish I could dye my hair funky colours but I have darker hair! xo

  • Mellissa Williams

    Ooh that’s a little naughty – so many people have probably used it like you expecting something short term and ended up with something long term! It looks fabulous on you though

    • According to the reviews its a common issue…. shame I didn’t read them first x

  • That’s so bad that it isn’t advertised correctly, no wonder there’s been people complaining. Hopefully your work understand but so sad about what happened to your daughters hair x

    • Thank you honey. Work are being ok so far, the daughter is still struggling with the green in hers too x

  • That’s not great that it lasts a whole lot longer than it’s advertised at, but I do love the colour in your hair! x

    • It is a fab colour, and if I wanted long lasting it would have washed after one wash, knowing my luck!! lol x

  • Stephanie

    Wow! How naughty! Some people would be really happy, but when you have work and stuff its not good enough! xx

  • Melanie

    The colour looks great on you and really suits, but false advertisement is terrible 🙂 x

  • Baby Isabella

    Woweee! That’s some staying power! We love the indigo/petrol colour! My mummy couldn’t do it either because of her work!

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    I love the turquoise colour! It’s so nice and looks great on you 🙂

  • Kira L Curtis

    I love how you always change your hair, you seem to suit every colour! Especially the turquoise! Can’t wait to see what you do next!