Wallet Woes

If like me, payday is a few weeks away then the lure of all the pretty things online is a bit of a killer. Add that to a self imposed shopping ban and you have one sad Tanya!

Over the next couple of months I have some pretty important AND expensive events coming up. Twinwood weekend, a family wedding and a return trip to Disneyland Paris mean that I have had to lock away my bank cards and be a good girl.

This doesn’t stop me from looking however and so I decided to do a small wishlist of things I would happily snap up with a little spare cash.

Now we are in that strange part of the year. People are still going on their summer holidays yet the shops and internet are becoming full of more Autumnal choices. Darker colours and heavier fabrics abound and as I have a shortage of these kind of clothes, what better to choose as the topic of my post.

My style and size does cause a few problems. I have literally hundreds of dresses, and a growing collection of skirts. However I have few heavier weight garments, or separates that I can “vintage” up. Wearing mainly 40’s and 50’s styles means that most of the high fashion items are not always suited to my look.

However Simply Be are bucking the trend somewhat with a great selection of tops and cardigans with a vintage vibe. Here are a few of my favourites that I would love to add to my wardrobe!

My first choice is this lovely Voodoo Vixen cardigan. I have a few VV articles in my closet and this would be a perfect addition. I have a real shortage of cardigans and as well as being vintage, this would compliment so many of my outfits and keep me warm too.

Oh and look how cute it is too!

Simply Be, Autumn Fashion, Plus size fashion, Plus size clothing, Plus size, Voodoo Vixen

Voodoo Vixen Liv Cardigan

My next choice is a little out of my era, verging more into a 60’s style. This is not a style I have ever worn, however I just fell a little in love with this tunic. It is adorable, yet classic in it’s styling. I would team this up with some thick tights and a pair of suede knee high wedge boots that I already own. Perfect!

Simply Be, Autumn Fashion, Plus size fashion, Plus size clothing, Plus size,

Collar Detail Tunic

As previously mentioned, I have been gathering up a large collection of vintage skirts. Lots of bright colours and patters means that I need plain coloured tops to match with them. Little strappy camisoles are fine in the summer months, but I now need to think about the cooler weather as I don’t own any long sleeve tops.

These long sleeve jersey tops are perfect. They are ideal colours to match with my skirts, the longer sleeve is perfect for autumn and I can still look vintage with a perfectly place brooch and accessories.

Simply Be, Autumn Fashion, Plus size fashion, Plus size clothing, Plus size,

3 pack of Jersey long sleeve tops

This next choice is also a little out of my style. However for some reason it just called to me. It is one if the Lovedrobe designs and I love their clothes. Always stylish, beautifully made and the always fit like a dream.

This tunic is so unusual compared to the normal items on the market and I love the colour combination. I think this would be perfect for an evening out with some metallic strappy heels and complimenting clutch bag. I can well imagine wearing this to a Christmas function which although it seems a long way ahead, is in fact only 4 months away!

Simply Be, Autumn Fashion, Plus size fashion, Plus size clothing, Plus size, Lovedrobe

Lovedrobe Sequin Tunic

My last choice (and possibly first purchase after the spending ban is lifted) is this gorgeous Hell Bunny blouse. The anchor and swallow design couldn’t be any more vintage and this will look perfect with my wide leg jeans that I recently got in the sales.

I already have the perfect shoes, necklace and hair wrap to go with it so all I need is the spending ban to hurry up and end so I can put this in my basket!

VSimply Be, Autumn Fashion, Plus size fashion, Plus size clothing, Plus size, Hell Bunny

Hell Bunny Oceana Blouse

So, there you have it. A wishlist of pretties that I can drool over until the pennies are available.

What do you think to my choices? Are there any you disagree with? What do you think I should purchase first?

Till next time,


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