Heavenly Halto

Halto. Have you heard of it?

No, neither had I until an email dropped into my inbox from the lovely Bex asking if I would be interested in reviewing one.

One of what? I hear you ask! Well Halto is a little bit of plastic.  With two holes in it. And it is amazing!

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It’s a what?

So this little bit of rubber could revolutionise swimwear for us busty ladies. Basically you use it when putting on a halterneck swimsuit or bikini.

If like me, you love a good swimsuit, but stay away from halternecks due to the agonising cheese wire kind of pain as it digs into your neck due to the weight of your breasts pulling the straps into you, this could be the answer to your prayers.

The Halto has been designed to take away that pressure. And it is so simple to use, you just thread your halter straps through the holes and tie as normal. Voila!

The plastic is soft and flexible and really does make a huge different to the pull of the straps into your neck. There really is nothing worse than the feel as the straps dig further and further into your neck as the day goes on.

Speaking to Bex, she offered to send me a set to review and I jumped at the chance. Anything to help with the straps.

A few days later an envelope arrived on my doorstep.

halto, swimwear, bikini, big boobs, halterneck pain, neck pain, plus size swimwear, plus size bikini, halto twin pack


Inside was a twin pack of Halto’s along with a little poem and a pack of sweeties. Win Win situation.

halto, swimwear, bikini, big boobs, halterneck pain, neck pain, plus size swimwear, plus size bikini, halto twin pack

Fab packaging – and sweets!

The texture of the Halto is great. Soft and Squidgy it feels good against your skin. But does it actually do anything? I got out a halter neck swimsuit which I love, but equally hate as it hurts so much.

In went the straps of the top and I tied it up. Immediately I could feel that there was no digging or pressure. It actually works! I have to admit to being a little gobsmacked as I genuinely didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. But it really does.

Having N Cup breasts, the weight alone makes a halterneck pretty much impossible. All my recent swimwear has been plain and functional, but thankfully I never got rid of my vintage style polka dot swim suit as I loved it too much to just bin it, even though it really didn’t work for me.

When I was last measured/weighed at a well renown hospital they weighed over a stone. That is a lot of weight to be pulling down on your neck, let me tell you.

The Halto comes in a black and a white twin pack for just £9.99. They are discrete and also once you have tied your bow, you can hardly see them.

halto, swimwear, bikini, big boobs, halterneck pain, neck pain, plus size swimwear, plus size bikini, halto twin pack

Twin Pack

I took it even further. I have some halterneck swing dresses that I rarely wear due to the exact same reason. I popped in a Halto and it worked a treat even with a cotton strap. Multi- purpose too!

The Halto was thought up by two busty sisters, who loved a halterneck but not the pain that came with it. Over 85% of bikinis on the market come with halternecks and so they spent five years putting the Halto into production.

It is that good even Bravissimo stock it and it can now be bought as far away as in Australia. Not bad for some squishy plastic, eh?

halto, swimwear, bikini, big boobs, halterneck pain, neck pain, plus size swimwear, plus size bikini, halto twin pack

Super Simple

I have to admit, I have become a real fan of this product. It is just so simple, but that is why it is so great. It doesn’t need bells and whistles to work. It’s a bit like that old Ronseal advert. It does what it says.

I am so chuffed the Bex got in touch and asked I wanted to give these a go, as I had honestly never heard of them before. They really are a great bit of kit and I highly recommend them for every woman’s wardrobe. Swimwear will never be the same again for me, and I can pretty much say if you give these a go, you will love them as much as I do.

Whilst I was gifted these to try out, I cannot recommend them enough and know where to go if I ever find myself needing to replace them.

Thanks Halto, you really are revolutionary and I can’t wait to go on my next beach holiday now!

*****Whilst these products were sent for me to review, all the views and words in this blog are purely my own*****

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  • I’m so glad to know someone who has tried this Tanya. I follow Halto on Instagram and have often wondered if they actually do what they claim to so am pleased to know it does.


  • Now that is such an interesting sounding device I love that they have come up with a way to take the pressure away on such outfits for bigger busted ladies!

  • Not heard of this before but it sounds amazing! I could do with getting one for myself

  • What a clever idea- I have a large cup size so I honestly veer away from halterneck swimwear, but I think I shall let myself buy them again now I know there’s a pain free way of wearing them. And all with a little big of squidgy plastic- the simple solutions are always the best ones it seems! 🙂

  • Melanie Edjourian

    They do look very discrete you’re right and seem to do a good job. I tend to stay away from halternecks due to my bust so these sound like a great idea.

  • Laura Dove

    Oh what a fab idea!! You’d never see it but it looks to be really good at supporting larger busts! Not that I’d need one….I am somewhat lacking in that department, haha!

  • Ok, this sounds like a genius idea! They need to sell this on the highstreet so that more people like yourself won’t have to deal with the painstaking task of putting on a halterneck.

    Great post and I’m sure many will benefit from reading it.


  • Jinzo_2400

    Good idea and glad you thought it was worth supporting…

  • Lilinha Angel World

    Such an interest product, I’ve never heard about it but it looks great, so now I will be recommending it to my mum! 🙂

  • Isha Reid

    Really interesting idea. Good on you for giving it a go – a packet of Haribo is never a bad thing! ;-p

  • That’s such a clever idea and it’s amazing how much difference just a little piece of plastic can make x

  • John Franklin

    I love cool inventions that are simple but effective and this looks really useful.

  • Becky Brown

    yay for inventions that make wearing halternecks possible

  • Wow I am so glad that you found Halto and it has helped you re-discover your love of halterneck swimsuits and dresses.I have a friend who has breasts that also weigh a stone so I am going to recommend it to her x

  • Melanie

    What a great idea and super glad that you are promoting this, my friend will love this 🙂 x

  • KGR

    It sounds like a really good product and anything that stops the pain from straps cutting into your skin is a win for me. My sister could do with this x

  • Amy Deverson

    This is such a good invention – what a fab idea. Amazing how much difference it can make x

  • I was wondering what an earth it could be for after the first picture! Such a clever idea!

  • Jennifer Gladwin

    What a great idea! So simple but so effective!

  • What a fab invention! I love the packaging and how simple but effective it is. Very clever.

  • Baby Isabella

    What an amazing product! We’re due to go on holiday soon, so might try and track down these Halto’s x

  • Lucy Cotterill

    What a clever idea! I’d not heard of this!

  • What a crafty little product – I can imagine it makes life so much comfier. Really discreet too, you would never guess that it was for that.

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Oh this sounds amazing! I used to struggle really badly!

  • What a clever little invention! I’d never have guessed that was what it was meant to do!

  • I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! I love the look of halternecks, both in swimwear and dresses but I can’t wear them because of the pain that comes with so I’m so excited to hear about this little wonder

  • Oh wow… this is a really smart idea! I think I need to get this for my mum!!